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Tests Available for Measuring Forage Quality May 1, 2009 404-124
The Basics of Forage Testing May 1, 2009 404-300
Nutritional Supplementation for Horses on Pasture in Virginia May 1, 2009 406-477
Virginia's Horse Pastures: Grazing Management May 1, 2009 418-101
Virginia's Horse Pastures: Forage Species for Horse Pastures May 1, 2009 418-102
Virginia's Horse Pastures: Forage Establishment May 1, 2009 418-103
Virginia's Horse Pastures: Renovating Old Pastures May 1, 2009 418-104
Maintaining Healthy Horse Pastures May 1, 2009 418-105
Calibrating Forage Seeding Equipment Dec 10, 2009 418-121
Herbage Quality, Biomass, and Animal Performance of Cattle Grazing. Part I: Forage Biomass, Botanical Composition, and Nutritive Values Nov 19, 2009 418-151
Herbage Quality, Biomass, and Animal Performance of Cattle Grazing. Part II: Animal Performance Nov 19, 2009 418-152
Planning Fencing Systems For Controlled Grazing Feb 11, 2019 442-130 (BSE-247P)
Management Tips for Round Bale Hay Harvesting, Moving, and Storage
Hay production and feeding is one of the most expensive components of forage-livestock systems. Specific management practices are necessary to maintain hay quality and minimize hay loss during harvest, transportation and storage of large round bales.
Jul 1, 2020 442-454 (BSE-332P)
Large Round Bale Safety
This Extension publication covers the safety aspects of equipment used in large round bale packages such as: balers, front-end loaders, bale handling and transport devices. The key to safe and efficient systems for handling large round bales is an operator who knows the hazards involved and who follows safety practices that can prevent accidents. Operators must be constantly alert for situations that may cause injuries to themselves or others. Besides pain and suffering, accidents contribute to higher costs in terms of unnecessary downtime or costly machine repairs. Alertness and safety consciousness can result in more efficient and profitable baling and handling.
May 26, 2020 442-455 (BSE-331P)
Soil Test Note No.3 - Liming and Fertilization of Cool-Season Forage Crops Aug 30, 2019 452-703
Options for Clearing Land: Pasture Establishment for Horses May 1, 2009 465-341
Tapping the Horse Hay Market
Many horse managers have a keen eye for hay quality, but their buying habits may seem fickle because they need forages to fit an array of unique preferences and animal performance requirements.
Jan 9, 2017 ANR-241NP
Summer Stockpile for Late Summer Grazing Dec 1, 2017 ANR-289NP
Eldon Farm's Graze 300 VA System Dec 4, 2017 ANR-290NP
Welfare considerations for on-farm or backyard slaughter of poultry Jan 28, 2019 APSC-152NP
Enhancing Reproductive Performance in Small Ruminants: Part I. Biology of Reproduction Nov 4, 2019 APSC-157P
Enhancing Reproductive Performance in Small Ruminants Part II: Puberty and Estrous Cycles Feb 14, 2020 APSC-158P
Enhancing Reproductive Performance in Small Ruminants: Part III. Breeding and Management Systems Nov 26, 2019 APSC-159P
Enhancing Reproductive Performance in Small Ruminants: Part IV. Breed/Selection Nov 26, 2019 APSC-160NP
Euthanasia for Broiler Chickens: Manual and Mechanical Cervical Dislocation Methods Oct 15, 2019 APSC-161P
Enhancing Reproductive Performance in Small Ruminants: Part V. Nutrition and Health Dec 3, 2019 APSC-164P
Enhancing Reproductive Performance in Small Ruminants: Part VI. Reproductive Management Techniques Dec 3, 2019 APSC-165P
Using Fecal Egg Counts On Your Farm Sep 17, 2019 APSC-166NP
Good Production Practices: Name That Feed
To demonstrate the importance of properly labeling feeds.
Oct 28, 2015 APSC-98P
Defining Silvopastures: Integrating Tree Production With Forage-Livestock Systems for Economic, Environmental, and Aesthetic Outcomes May 23, 2016 CSES-146P
Creating Silvopastures: Some Considerations When Thinning Existing Timber Stands
Silvopastures intentionally integrate trees with forage and livestock production in a rotational grazing system. These systems have the potential to improve animal comfort, increase farm resource use efficiency, boost income, and mitigate environmental costs.
Sep 30, 2016 CSES-155P
Creating Silvopastures: Some Considerations When Planting Trees in Pastures Dec 11, 2017 CSES-185P
Using a Summer Stockpiling System to Extend the Grazing Season Nov 14, 2017 CSES-201NP
Previniendo accidentes de trabajadores rurales ligados al manejo de silajes Jul 24, 2017 DASC-102s
Preventing silage-related injuries and fatalitites among farm workers Jul 25, 2017 DASC-103NP
Preventing injuries and fatalities during the harvesting and chapping of crops for silage Aug 28, 2018 DASC-117NP
Previniendo daños y muertes durante la cosecha y picado de maíz y sorgo para silaje Aug 28, 2018 DASC-118S
Dairy Pipeline, April 2020 Mar 31, 2020 DASC-134NP
Tall Fescue, Endophytes and Alkaloids, and Fescue Toxicosis Apr 12, 2019 SPES-114P
Strategies for Managing Endophyte-Infected Tall Fescue – A Whole-Farm Approach Nov 26, 2019 SPES-163P
Adaptive Challenges Jan 24, 2020 SPES-183NP
Motivations of Farming: A Soil, Conservation and Place supplement video Aug 12, 2020 SPES-184NP
Electric Fencing: Installing and Testing a Proper Grounding System Apr 24, 2020 SPES-204NP
Sampling Tall Fescue for Endophyte Infection and Ergot Alkaloid Concentration Oct 19, 2018 SPES-21P
Stockpile Grazing in Autumn Jun 20, 2018 SPES-29P
Using Grazing Charts Jun 20, 2018 SPES-30P
Stockpile Grazing with Horses Jun 20, 2018 SPES-31P
Benefits of a Dry Lot for Horses Jun 21, 2018 SPES-32P
Using a Grazing Muzzle Jun 21, 2018 SPES-33P
Grazing Through Snow Jun 21, 2018 SPES-34P
Grazing Summer Annuals Jun 21, 2018 SPES-35P
Fescue Toxicosis and Some Strategies to Mitigate Alkaloids May 9, 2018 SPES-6
Animal Performance on Toxic Tall Fescue During the Summer Sep 19, 2018 SPES-62NP
Warm-Season Annual Grasses for Summer Forage Apr 5, 2019 SPES-88P
Pesticide Applicator Manuals Nov 17, 2011 VTTP-2