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Title Available As Summary Date ID Author
Virginia Farm to Table: Wine and Lamb Sep 4, 2020 4H-926NP
Managing Spring Flush with Jim Manwaring Nov 7, 2022 SPES-434NP
Managing Spring Flush with Roy Boldridge Nov 7, 2022 SPES-435NP
Powering Electric Fences with Steve Jones Nov 7, 2022 SPES-436NP
Springwood Farm Profile with Will Hueston Nov 7, 2022 SPES-437
Temporary Electric Fencing for Small Ruminants with Tim Mize Nov 7, 2022 SPES-438NP
Native warm season grass variety trial, 2021-2023
Native warm season grasses may provide valuable forage resources for farmers in the summer months, while also providing habitat for wildlife, among other conservation benefits. This report provides the results of a three-year forage yield variety trial of 20 different cultivars and ecotypes of native warm season grasses at five different locations in Virginia.
Dec 1, 2023 SPES-562NP