Resources by Steven Heckendorn

Title Available As Summary Date ID Author
Soil Sample Information Sheet for Commercial Crop Production Feb 6, 2020 452-124 (SPES-174NP)
Soil Sample Information Sheet for Home Lawns, Gardens, Fruits, and Ornamentals Nov 15, 2019 452-125 (SPES-172NP)
Forma Para el Muestreo de Suelos de Céspedes, jardines, frutas y ornamentales en el hogar May 30, 2018 452-125S (SPES-8NP)
Soil Sample Information Sheet for Commercial Greenhouse and Nursery Production Jun 23, 2017 452-126(CSES-190NP)
Soil Sample Information Sheet for Surface-Mined Areas Jun 23, 2017 452-127 (CSES-189NP)
Soil Sample Information Sheet for Golf Courses and Industrial Lawns Jun 23, 2017 452-128(CSES-187NP)
Soil Sampling for the Home Gardener
This publication explains how to obtain representative soil samples and to submit them for analysis to the Virginia Tech Soil Testing Laboratory.
Feb 6, 2020 452-129 (SPES-176P)
Explanation of Soil Tests
The accompanying Soil Test Report will help you assess your plant's need for fertilizer and lime.
Dec 7, 2018 452-701 (SPES-75NP)
Soil Test Note #2 - Field Crops
Most Virginia soils are acidic and require lime applications at three- to five-year intervals. Maintaining the correct soil pH has several benefits, such as encouraging healthy root development and making sure nutrients in the soil are available to the plant. For example, low pH can cause aluminum toxicity and can decrease phosphorus availability.
Sep 9, 2019 452-702 (CSES-100P)
Soil Test Note No.3 - Liming and Fertilization of Cool-Season Forage Crops Aug 30, 2019 452-703
Soil Test Note #4 - Trace Elements Dec 7, 2018 452-704 (SPES-76NP)
Soil Test Note 5: Fertilizing With Manures Aug 30, 2019 452-705
Soil Test Note 17: Lawn Fertilization for Cool Season Grasses May 1, 2009 452-717
Soil Test Note 18: Lawn Fertilization for Warm Season Grasses May 1, 2009 452-718
Soil Test Note 19: Vegetable and Flower Gardens (Supplement to Soil Test Report) Oct 11, 2019 452-719
Soil Test Note 23: Christmas Tree Crops Jul 14, 2009 452-723
Laboratory Procedures: Virginia Tech Soil Testing Laboratory
The procedures for soil analysis used in the Soil Testing Laboratory were established in the early 1950s A routine test, consisting of eleven separate analyses, is performed on all samples.
Mar 18, 2019 452-881 (SPES-91P)
Soil Sampling Instructions for the Farm Jun 6, 2019 SPES-141