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Resources by Timothy Mize

Title Available As Summary Date ID Author
Bluegrass Billbug Pest Management in Orchardgrass Feb 4, 2019 444-040
Hunting Billbug Pest Management in Orchardgrass Feb 4, 2019 444-041
Using Pitfall Traps to Monitor Insect Activity Feb 4, 2019 444-416
Stockpile Grazing in Autumn Nov 2, 2023 SPES-29P
Using Grazing Charts
This is a Graze 300 Virginia video which is part of an Extension initiative to enable Virginia farmers to achieve 300 days of livestock grazing by facilitating better pasture management and environmental stewardship. In this video clip, Tim Mize, Extension Agent with Virginia Cooperative Extension, and Norman Bower, a cooperating farmer, share how a grazing chart can be a roadmap for communicating and planning a farm's grazing plan. For more information about Graze 300 VA and Virginia Cooperative Extension, please visit Graze 300. Funding for the video was generously provided by the Agua Fund to encourage sustainable resilient agriculture and the conservation of important natural resources.
Nov 2, 2023 SPES-30P
Managing Drought with Roy Boldridge Nov 7, 2022 SPES-433NP