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Resources by Kevin Lahmers

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Asian Longhorned Tick and Theileria Orientalis Ikeda: Current Thoughts and Understandings
This project will be used to disseminate current thoughts and understand the invasive species of Asian Longhorned Tick (ALT) and the spread of Theileria. The Asian Longhorned Tick is a new invasive species that was first found in the US in 2017 and has since spread to 19 states from the Atlantic Coast to the Southeastern region of the US. The ALT is credited with the widespread of Theileria. Theileria is a blood protozoa parasite that has had a negative impact on cattle producers across the state. This article is what we currently understand about the ALT and the spread of Theileria.
Nov 30, 2023 APSC-196P
HPAI Transmission in Cattle- Webinar
HPAI Transmission in Cattle is an emergent disease that is making its way through the Bovine population. This webinar can be used to answer frequently asked questions, to identify what we currently know about the disease, and the steps to take to limit the spread of the disease.
Apr 30, 2024 VM-03NP