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Resources by Mark Estienne

Title Available As Summary Date ID Author
An Update on African Swine Fever and its Effects on Pork Production Aug 30, 2019 APSC-162NP
United States Department of Agriculture 2017 Census of Agriculture: A Snapshot of Swine Production in Virginia Sep 9, 2019 APSC-163NP
Above Ground Burial An Overview of the Technology Jun 28, 2021 APSC-179NP
U.S. Swine Health Improvement Plan: Background, Benefits, and How to Enroll Sep 29, 2022 APSC-181P
A characterization of large-scale swine production and manure generation in Virginia counties and cities located within or outside of the Chesapeake Bay Watershed Feb 14, 2023 APSC-182P
Small Scale and Niche Market Pork Producers Should Respond to the 2022 Census of Agriculture¹ Jan 24, 2023 APSC-183NP
Upcoming Policy Change Governing Injectable Antibiotics Will Alter Their Use by Pig Farmers Mar 15, 2023 APSC-185NP
Decreasing Preweaning Death Loss in Pigs: Key Management Considerations for Small-Scale Farmers Jan 10, 2024 APSC-195P