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Resources by Matt Booher

Title Available As Summary Date ID Author
Summer Stockpile for Late Summer Grazing May 15, 2024 ANR-289NP
Using a Summer Stockpiling System to Extend the Grazing Season Nov 14, 2017 CSES-201NP
Electric Fencing: Installing and Testing a Proper Grounding System Jan 27, 2021 SPES-204NP (SPES-300NP)
Sampling Tall Fescue for Endophyte Infection and Ergot Alkaloid Concentration
Endophyte-infected tall fescue is the dominant forages in Virginia. As such, it is imperative to manage this important forage resource wisely. Ergot alkaloids produced by fescue’s fungal endophyte create challenges to accomplishing this. Tests for endophyte presence and alkaloid levels are important management tools that producers can use to minimize alkaloid consumption and the negative impacts of on animal performance. Consistent testing methods are important for adequately assessing alkaloid levels and for making comparisons among pastures over time. These results then can be used to develop a custom grazing strategy to avoid severe incidences of fescue toxicosis. Repeated testing during a grazing season can help determine possible benefits to pasture renovation or addition of legumes. Similar to testing forages for nutrient concentrations and devising a winter feeding and supplement plan, testing fescue-based pastures for endophyte infection level and for ergot alkaloid concentrations at various times during the year can facilitate management to reduce alkaloid consumption and also help determine if further mitigation is needed.
Aug 1, 2024 SPES-21P
Managing the Spring Pasture Flush May 8, 2023 SPES-486P
Rockingham County 2023 Situation Analysis Report
Virginia Cooperative Extension takes pride in the premise that vital programming is based on the issues, problems, and needs of the people. A thorough analysis of the situation provides context for understanding and addressing these problems. Each local office updates their situation analysis every 4-5 years.
Apr 5, 2024 VCE-596-89NP (VCE-1175-89NP)