Resources by Gordon Groover

Title Available As Summary Date ID Author
NASS to Release Final Census of Agriculture Data Aug 4, 2009 2906-1363
The Income Side of Seasonal vs. Year-Round Pasture-based Milk Production May 1, 2009 404-113
Planning Fencing Systems For Controlled Grazing Feb 11, 2019 442-130 (BSE-247P)
Why Use-value Estimates Can Differ Between Counties May 1, 2009 446-013
Farm Record Book: Expenses and Receipts
This book provides forms for many of the categories of expenses, receipts, labor, and financial summaries needed by most agricultural related businesses using cash accounting methods. Column headings are included for major items with some columns remaining blank for your own headings.
Apr 6, 2017 446-017 (VCE-867NP)
2007 Virginia Farm Business Management Crop Budget May 1, 2009 446-047
2011 Virginia Farm Business Management Livestock Budgets May 1, 2011 446-048
A Citizens' Guide to The Use Value Taxation Program in Virginia
The purpose of this publication is to help farmland owners, farmers, and other interested citizens to better understand the use value taxation program in Virginia.
May 1, 2009 448-037
Direct Marketers and the Virginia Sales Tax May 26, 2009 448-073
Investing in GPS Guidance Systems? May 26, 2009 448-076
A Characterization of Direct-Market Beef Processing and Marketing in Virginia
Beef is Virginia’s second most important agricultural industry, with 20,000 beef farms generating more than $400 million in cash receipts
May 11, 2009 448-123
A Characterization of Direct-Marketed Beef Production in Virginia Jul 15, 2009 448-124
Organic Feed-grain Markets: Considerations for Potential Virginia Producers
This publication is intended to help producers make informed decisions on whether to enter organic feed-grain markets by giving an overview of the market for organically produced feed grains, and issues for producers to contemplate as they consider entering the market.
May 1, 2009 448-520
2016 NASS Cropland and Pastureland Rental Rates
This fall USDA National Agricultural Statistical Service (NASS) released cash rental rates for irrigated and non-irrigated cropland and pastureland for Virginia counties and cities.
Oct 14, 2016 AAEC-125NP
2017 NASS Cropland and Pastureland Rental Rates Nov 14, 2017 AAEC-142NP
Farm Business Management Update Jun 13, 2013 AAEC-47NP
Grain and Soybean Production and Storage in Virginia: A Summary and Spatial Examination
Grain and soybean production is a critical component of Virginia agriculture — the state’s No. 1 industry (VDACS 2013). Virginia’s farmers produced more than half a billion bushels of grain and soybeans over the span of 2006 to 2012 (USDA-NASS 2013b)1. The objectives of this publication are to characterize the market for grain production and storage in Virginia.
Sep 26, 2019 AAEC-60P
A Geographic Analysis of Agritourism in Virginia
Agriculture is the largest industry in Virginia, with an economic impact of about $52 billion, and it provides over 357,000 jobs to Virginia’s residents (VDACS 2013). In addition, those value-added industries that depend on the farm products employ an additional 76,000 individuals, which generates another $34.6 billion in value-added revenue (VDACS 2013a). Despite the impact that the agriculture industry has on Virginia’s economy, there are several issues of concern.
Apr 29, 2019 AAEC-62P (AAEC-183)
An Overview of Virginia Agritourism: Results From the 2013 Profitability Survey
Over the past decade, agritourism became a significant sector within Virginia agriculture, and there have been an increasing number of research studies in this area. Nevertheless, most literature has focused more on the motivating factors in starting an agritourism operation and less on the financial aspects. This study discusses the findings of a recent statewide survey of Virginia agritourism operators and evaluates the current status of the Virginia agritourism industry and its overall profitability.
Mar 11, 2015 AAEC-77P
Using Market Maker to Connect Virginia Meat Producers and Processors
This fact sheet is a product of the 2014 Fall Kohl Centre Experience. To find out more about this project team and related information, please go to the Kohl Centre at Virginia Tech’s website:
May 20, 2020 AAEC-86NP
2014 NASS Cropland and Pastureland Rental Rates
This winter USDA National Agricultural Statistical Service (NASS) released cash rental rates for irrigated and non-irrigated cropland and pastureland for Virginia counties and cities.
May 4, 2015 AAEC-91NP
Virginia Whole Farm Planning: An Educational Program for Farm Startup and Development (Land Acquisition and Tenure)
The Land Acquisitions and Tenure module is designed to help beginning farmers and ranchers develop and implement their farmland tenure and transfer goals as part of the whole farm plan. Established farmers who are planning for the transfer of their farm may also find this module useful. The module includes concepts, worksheets, and examples to help you assess your resources and preferences for successful start-up planning.
Jun 11, 2015 AEE-51P
Assessing the Economic Feasibility of Growing Specialized Apple Cultivars for Sale to Commercial Hard Cider Producers
This publication describes a set of associated budget spreadsheets that utilize a systematic means to assess the feasibility of growing specialty apple cultivars for sale to commercial hard cider producers.
Mar 20, 2019 AREC-46P (SPES-117P)
Value and implications of corn stover removal from Virginia fields
There has recently been increased interest in the use of crop residues for different industrial uses in the US and the world. Corn residue is frequently cited as the most likely candidate for alternate industrial uses because of the large area of production and the relatively large amount of residue produced per acre. Among the potential alternate uses for corn stover, biofuel production has received the greatest attention.
Apr 6, 2017 CSES-180 (CSES-182NP)
Harvesting and nutrient replacement costs associated with corn stover removal in Virginia Feb 21, 2018 CSES-229NP
2019 NASS Cropland and Pastureland Rental Rates Oct 1, 2019 SPES-168NP