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Resources by Eric S. Bendfeldt

Title Available As Summary Date ID Author
Facilitator’s Guidebook - 2018, Community-Based Food System Assessment and Planning Oct 25, 2018 3108-9029 (CV-88NP)
Virginia Farm to Table: Grains
In this session, we will learn about the Common Grain Alliance and learn about how grains are grown and harvested. We will then take a virtual tour of Ardent Mills in Culpeper, Virginia to learn how grain is milled into flour. Finally, we will learn how Great Day Gardens makes scones with 100% locally-grown grains.
Nov 11, 2020 4H-933NP
Agronomy Handbook 2023 Dec 11, 2023 424-100 (SPES-299P)
Agronomy Handbook 2023: Part VII. Soil Health Management Dec 18, 2023 424-100-G (SPES-299P-G)
Biomethane Production Technology Dec 17, 2018 442-881 (BSE-240P)
VCE Model of Community, Local, Regional Food Systems May 20, 2022 ALCE-154NP
Community, Local, and Regional Food Systems Apr 22, 2022 ALCE-155NP (ALCE-291NP)
Community, Local, and Regional Food Systems (CLRFS) Forum Report Oct 7, 2016 ALCE-156NP
Community, Local, and Regional Food Systems (CLRFS) Forum Executive Summary
Virginia’s food system directly impacts the survival and viability of farms and farmland; the economic development of rural and urban communities; the care, restoration, and resilience of ecological resources such as local waterways; and critical health issues. We use the language of community, local, and regional food systems to broadly define a complex and interconnected set of systems and pathways that comprise sustainable food production, processing, distribution, consumption, and waste management to bring about social, economic, and ecological change that benefits all residents.
Oct 7, 2016 ALCE-157NP
Virginia Farm to Table: Healthy Farms and Healthy Food for the Common Wealth and Common Good Aug 29, 2018 CV-3 (SPES-27P)
Everyone at the Table: A community food equity assessment for Harrisonburg, VA Jun 24, 2022 CV-80NP (CV-81NP)
2019 - 2020 Shenandoah Valley Buy Fresh Buy Local Guide May 2, 2019 SPES-136NP
Visioning a Preferred Future for Virginia's Food System for 2027 Jun 3, 2019 SPES-142NP
Facilitating Community, Local, and Regional Food Systems Jun 10, 2019 SPES-144NP
Adaptive Challenges Jan 24, 2020 SPES-183NP
Motivations of Farming: A Soil, Conservation and Place supplement video Aug 12, 2020 SPES-184NP
Getting Started and Managing Resources Jan 24, 2020 SPES-189NP
Soil, Conservation, and Place -- Gerald Garber of Cave View Farms Jan 13, 2021 SPES-213NP (SPES-289NP)
Soil, Conservation, and Place -- Janet Aardema and Dan Gagnon of Broadfork Farm Jun 8, 2020 SPES-214NP
Soil, Conservation and Place -- Ira Wallace of Southern Exposure Seed Exchange Jun 8, 2020 SPES-215NP
Soil, Conservation and Place -- C.J. Isbell of Keenbell Farm Jun 8, 2020 SPES-216NP
A Virginia Producer-Buyer Networking Event Toolkit: Facilitating Value Chain Connections Aug 19, 2020 SPES-242NP
Nurturing Community, Soil Health, and Restorative Justice Jan 14, 2021 SPES-285NP
Taking Care of the Soil Jan 14, 2021 SPES-286NP
Keeping the Spark Alive: Soil, Service, and Berries Jan 14, 2021 SPES-287NP
It All Starts with Your Soil …And Volunteers! Jan 14, 2021 SPES-288NP
Introduction to Soil, Conservation, and Place video series Jan 7, 2021 SPES-290NP
4 The Soil Live Kickoff Jul 23, 2021 SPES-339NP
Caring for Our Communities and Land: A Story of Healthy Relationships and Trust Feb 15, 2022 SPES-381NP
For the Love of the Chip Jan 23, 2020 SPES-179NP
The Story of the Food Value Chain Jan 23, 2020 SPES-188NP
Bringing Apples to Life: A Story of Perseverance, Collaboration, and Innovation Jun 8, 2022 SPES-405NP
Against the Grain, Beyond the Grind Jul 7, 2022 SPES-407NP
4 The Soil Feb 14, 2024 SPES-583NP
4 The Soil: A Conversation podcast Feb 14, 2024 SPES-584NP
Food Deserts in Virginia
In 2012, Delegate Delores McQuinn introduced House Joint Resolution 88 and then in 2013 reintroduced House Joint Resolution 646 to request that the Virginia General Assembly review the issue of food deserts in Virginia. The Honorable William Howell, Speaker of the House of Delegates of the Virginia General Assembly, commissioned Alan Grant, dean of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at Virginia Tech, and Jewel Hairston, dean of the College of Agriculture at Virginia State University, to conduct a study of food deserts in the Commonwealth of Virginia.
Jul 3, 2024 VCE-294