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Title Available As Summary Date ID Author
Families Taking Charge: Dealing with Unemployment Apr 2, 2020 2811-7015
Families Taking Charge: Dealing with Unemployment Apr 2, 2020 2811-7015
Families Taking Charge: Dealing with the Stress Apr 2, 2020 2811-7016
Families Taking Charge: Dealing with the Stress Apr 2, 2020 2811-7016
Human Growth and Development - A Matter of Principles Feb 20, 2019 350-053 (FCE-134P)
VCE Model of Community, Local, Regional Food Systems May 20, 2022 ALCE-154NP
Community, Local, and Regional Food Systems Apr 22, 2022 ALCE-155NP (ALCE-291NP)
Community, Local, and Regional Food Systems (CLRFS) Forum Report Oct 7, 2016 ALCE-156NP
Community, Local, and Regional Food Systems (CLRFS) Forum Executive Summary
Virginia’s food system directly impacts the survival and viability of farms and farmland; the economic development of rural and urban communities; the care, restoration, and resilience of ecological resources such as local waterways; and critical health issues. We use the language of community, local, and regional food systems to broadly define a complex and interconnected set of systems and pathways that comprise sustainable food production, processing, distribution, consumption, and waste management to bring about social, economic, and ecological change that benefits all residents.
Oct 7, 2016 ALCE-157NP
Balancing Life: Positive Experiences With Children At Home Apr 16, 2020 ALCE-194NP
Balancing Life: Sheltered in Place with Young Children Apr 17, 2020 ALCE-195NP
Balancing Life: Marital Relationships While Social Distancing Apr 17, 2020 ALCE-196NP
Balancing Life: Teens, Stress, and Anxiety Apr 22, 2020 ALCE-197NP
Balancing Life: Older Adults Apr 23, 2020 ALCE-198NP
Balancing Life: Working and Schooling From Home Part I - Working Apr 23, 2020 ALCE-199NP
Balancing Life: Family Fun For All Ages Apr 30, 2020 ALCE-200NP
COVID-19: Teen Stress Assessment Tool May 1, 2020 ALCE-201NP
Balancing Life: Resiliency in the Face of Adversity May 11, 2020 ALCE-203NP
Balancing Life: Supporting Teen and Adult Mental Health During COVID 19 (Special Session) May 12, 2020 ALCE-204NP
Balancing Life: Treat Yourself (Self-Care Ideas) May 27, 2020 ALCE-205NP
Balancing Life: Keeping Children Physically Active, Engaged in Learning and Safe Online at Home May 27, 2020 ALCE-206NP
Balancing Life: Family Finances During COVID-19 Jun 3, 2020 ALCE-207NP
Balancing Life: Boundary Issues During COVID-19 Jun 5, 2020 ALCE-208NP
Balancing Life: Tips for Healthy Conversations about Racial Healing Jun 26, 2020 ALCE-209NP
Engaging Youth Voices Session 1: Helping Teens Find Healing Through Difficult Conversations Jul 14, 2020 ALCE-210NP
Balancing Life: Moving Forward During COVID-19 Jul 14, 2020 ALCE-211NP
Balancing Life: Listening Skills to Support Racial Understanding Jul 14, 2020 ALCE-212NP
Engaging Youth Voices Session 3: Understanding to Support Youth from ALL Racial Backgrounds Jul 14, 2020 ALCE-213NP
Balancing Life: Saving Lives Together Jul 30, 2020 ALCE-215NP
Balancing Life: K-12 Schooling Q&A Session Aug 3, 2020 ALCE-216NP
Balancing Life: Back to School? Aug 3, 2020 ALCE-217NP
Balancing Life: Food Safety at Home, Stores, Restaurants, and Gardens Aug 14, 2020 ALCE-218NP
Balancing Life: Safety Tips for Youth at Home Alone Aug 31, 2020 ALCE-221NP
Balancing Life: Managing Stress in Uncertain Times Sep 8, 2020 ALCE-223NP
Balancing Life: Organizing Tips for the School Year Sep 22, 2020 ALCE-224NP
Balancing Life: Guiding Children and Teens Through Uncertain Times Sep 22, 2020 ALCE-225NP
Balancing Life: Healthy Meals and Packed Lunches in Busy Times
Preparing to load the yellow bus or power up the laptop? Between schedules, work spaces, routines and adjustments, getting into a rhythm that works for your family can be a huge relief. In this session, our presenter shares ideas that may spark thoughts that you can use in your household.
Nov 8, 2020 ALCE-227NP
Balancing Life: An Update on Family Finances During COVID-19
This video is for adults managing their finances and interested in learning more about COVID-19 related issues regarding financial matters, including mortgages, student loans, and more.
Nov 11, 2020 ALCE-228NP
Balancing Life: Strengthening Family Relationships During Tough Times Nov 11, 2020 ALCE-229NP
Balancing Life: Managing Difficult Conversations
Anyone finding themselves dreading certain conversations? Ever walked away from a discussion wishing you would have said, or not said something? Certainly we all have those opportunities, perhaps at an even greater frequency in our current climate. Join as we discuss ways to have tough conversations, even if we don’t agree on things, in a way that shows both self-respect and respect for others. More COVID-19 resources can be found at COVID-19.
Oct 26, 2020 ALCE-230NP
Balancing Life: Moving Literally Into Fall
As we move into cooler weather and many continue working and schooling remotely, our physical activity can easily be neglected. We know that movement is important to our overall health and resiliency. Join as we discuss ways to keep moving as part of our overall well-being, even when we spend time at desks and indoors.
Oct 27, 2020 ALCE-231NP
Balancing Life: Fostering Racial Understanding with Children and Young People Mar 12, 2021 ALCE-232NP
Balancing Life: Effective Communication in Challenging Situations Nov 11, 2020 ALCE-234NP
Balancing Life: Holiday Spending Tips During COVID 19 Dec 18, 2020 ALCE-235NP
Balancing Life: Caring For Self While Caring for Others (and Secondary Trauma) Part 1 of 2 Jan 13, 2021 ALCE-237NP
Balancing Life: Making Wise Decisions in Times of Uncertainty Mar 12, 2021 ALCE-239NP
Balancing Life: Taking Charge in Challenging Times Feb 12, 2021 ALCE-240NP
Balancing Life: Actualizing Your Dreams Mar 10, 2021 ALCE-242NP
Balancing Life: Building Inner Strength Mar 12, 2021 ALCE-243NP
Balancing Life: Supporting the Youth in Our Lives May 21, 2021 ALCE-245NP
Balancing Life: Spring '21 is Here May 21, 2021 ALCE-246NP
Balancing Life: Managing Finances in Spring 2021 as COVID-19 Continues May 21, 2021 ALCE-247NP
Balancing Life: Staying Resilient in Challenging Times May 21, 2021 ALCE-248NP
Balancing Life: Rest and Well-Being May 21, 2021 ALCE-250NP
Balancing Life: Spring Cleaning (Clearing the Clutter) May 21, 2021 ALCE-252NP
Balancing Life: Celebrate the Journey May 21, 2021 ALCE-253NP
Balancing Life: Connecting with Nature for Better Well-Being Aug 26, 2021 ALCE-261NP
Balancing Life: Connecting with Nature for Better Well Being Aug 26, 2021 ALCE-262NP
Balancing Life: Taking Charge Over Fear and Anxiety Aug 27, 2021 ALCE-263NP
Balancing Life: Creating the Good Life Aug 27, 2021 ALCE-264NP
Balancing Life: Your Financial Well-Being, Summer 2021 Edition Aug 25, 2021 ALCE-265NP
Balancing Life: Slowing Down to Regain Focus Aug 25, 2021 ALCE-266NP
Balancing Life: Balancing Life: Building Resilience in Youth Aug 25, 2021 ALCE-267NP
Balancing Life: Coping with Back to School Stressors Aug 24, 2021 ALCE-268NP
Balancing Life: Maintaining Hope in Challenging Times Apr 15, 2022 ALCE-271NP
Balancing Life: Tips for Return to Work and School Transitions (Fall 2021) Apr 21, 2022 ALCE-280NP
Balancing Life: Avoiding Burnout at Work and Home Apr 15, 2022 ALCE-281NP
Balancing Life: Tackling Your To-Do list to Mitigate Stress Apr 20, 2022 ALCE-282NP
Balancing Life: Family Communications Strategies Apr 19, 2022 ALCE-283NP
Balancing Life: Healthy Eating During the Holidays Apr 19, 2022 ALCE-284NP
Balancing Life: Organizing and Conquering Clutter Apr 20, 2022 ALCE-285NP
Balancing Life: How the Science of Gratitude Can Impact your Life Apr 20, 2022 ALCE-286NP
Helping Youth PROSPER in VA
Helping Youth PROSPER in Virginia reflects an overview of a Sustainable Communities project by the USDA-National Institute for Food and Agriculture's CYFAR program, The various strategies and activities to bolster the positive development of pre/teen aged youth, such as weekend-long family camp, the youth-adult Strengthening Families Program, campus visits, youth mental health conference, team building and other activities to explore interest and build skills are highlighted.
Jan 9, 2024 ALCE-321NP
Virginia Farm to Table: Healthy Farms and Healthy Food for the Common Wealth and Common Good Aug 29, 2018 CV-3 (SPES-27P)
Beating Stress - Family and Business Relationships May 10, 2021 FCS-105NP
Beating Stress - Financial May 10, 2021 FCS-106NP
Beating Stress - Wellness May 10, 2021 FCS-107NP
Stress After a Disaster May 10, 2021 FCS-109P (FCS-141P)
Beating Stress
Learn how to identify, understand, and shrink your stress through use of the five mini-video clips that discuss five area of stress.
May 10, 2021 FCS-111NP
Best Practices in Intergenerational Programming: Practice 1 May 3, 2019 FCS-34P (FCS-80P)
Best Practices in Intergenerational Programming: Practice 2
Intergenerational programs are most effective when participants are involved in decision-making about the activity and during activities. When activities are offered, adults and children should have the choice of deciding if and how to be involved.
May 3, 2019 FCS-35P (FCS-89P)
Best Practices in Intergenerational Programming: Practice 3 May 8, 2019 FCS-36P (FCS-90P)
Best Practices in Intergenerational Programming: Practice 4
Intergenerational programs are most effective when participants are prepared ahead of time and reflect on activities afterward.
May 3, 2019 FCS-37P (FCS-81P)
Best Practices in Intergenerational Programming: Practice 5
A social history is basically the accounting of an individual’s life — their interests, career, relationships, the ways they have coped, and how they have defined themselves.
May 1, 2019 FCS-38P (FCS-82P)
Best Practices in Intergenerational Programming: Practice 6 May 3, 2019 FCS-39P (FCS-83P)
Best Practices in Intergenerational Programming: Practice 7
The partners in intergenerational programs are the adults and the children. Individually, children may not have developed particular skills in their thinking or motor functioning.
May 3, 2019 FCS-40P (FCS-84P)
Best Practices in Intergenerational Programming: Practice 8 May 3, 2019 FCS-41P (FCS-85P)
Best Practices in Intergenerational Programming: Practice 9 May 3, 2019 FCS-42P (FCS-86P)
Best Practices in Intergenerational Programming: Practice 10
There is a chance that clients in an intergenerational program will need adaptive equipment. The primary reason to consider adaptive equipment is to remove barriers to participation.
May 3, 2019 FCS-43P (FCS-87P)
Best Practices in Intergenerational Programming: Practice 11 May 1, 2019 FCS-44P (FCS-88P)
Learning in Families Together: Emerging Adults May 20, 2019 FCS-51P
Learning in Families Together: Adolescence and Brain Development May 3, 2019 FCS-54P
Learning in Families Together: Aging* May 8, 2019 FCS-55P
Learning in Families Together: School-Age Children and Bullying Apr 6, 2021 FCS-56P
Learning in Families Together: Infant Curiosity
Infants are naturally curious.
May 8, 2019 FCS-57P
Learning in Families Together: Infant Development 1 May 8, 2019 FCS-59P
Learning in Families Together: Infant Brain Development Jun 4, 2019 FCS-60P
Learning in Families Together: Infant Development 2 Jun 4, 2019 FCS-61P
Learning in Families Together: Infant Development 2 Jun 4, 2019 FCS-61P
Learning in Families Together: Pre-schoolers May 20, 2019 FCS-62P
Learning in Families Together: “School-Agers” 5 to 8 Years Jun 3, 2019 FCS-63P
Learning in Families Together: Teens May 8, 2019 FCS-64P
Beating Stress: Challenges, Choices, Changes
Stress comes in many forms. There are normal and predictable stressors, such as a new job, getting married, or moving.
May 8, 2020 FCS-68P
Aging With Dignity
Life expectancy has increased dramatically in the past 100 years: 1 in every 8 Americans is age 65 or older. For most, this means an increase in the number of healthy years. Chronological age differs from biological age. How will you age? What do you know about care options? Will you be responsible for others as they age?
May 8, 2020 FCS-70P
Beating Stress - Daily Living May 10, 2021 FCS-104NP
Food Deserts in Virginia
In 2012, Delegate Delores McQuinn introduced House Joint Resolution 88 and then in 2013 reintroduced House Joint Resolution 646 to request that the Virginia General Assembly review the issue of food deserts in Virginia. The Honorable William Howell, Speaker of the House of Delegates of the Virginia General Assembly, commissioned Alan Grant, dean of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at Virginia Tech, and Jewel Hairston, dean of the College of Agriculture at Virginia State University, to conduct a study of food deserts in the Commonwealth of Virginia.
Jul 10, 2019 VCE-294