Resources by Celia Ray Hayhoe

Title Available As Summary Date ID Author
How to Prevent Foreclosure on Your Home May 1, 2009 2804-7001
Home Improvement Scams: Don't Get Nailed! May 1, 2009 2809-7004
Families Taking Charge: Dealing with Unemployment Apr 2, 2020 2811-7015
Families Taking Charge: Dealing with the Stress Apr 2, 2020 2811-7016
Families Taking Charge: Setting Spending Priorities May 1, 2009 2902-7022
In Case of a Disaster: Home Inventory May 1, 2009 2903-7023
Families Taking Charge: Deciding Which Bills to Pay First May 1, 2009 2904-7030
Low-Cost Ways to Entertain Kids this Summer Jul 15, 2009 2907-7031
Planning for Baby ‐‐ Diaper Choices and Comfort Oct 23, 2009 2910-7038
Children and Family Finances – Kid’s Allowance Dec 23, 2009 2912-7042
Children and Family Finances ‐‐ Saving for College Dec 23, 2009 2912-7044
Children and Family Finances – Paying for College Dec 23, 2009 2912-7045
Home Equity Conversions: Reverse Mortgages May 1, 2009 354-025
Getting Out of Debt Aug 19, 2020 354-027 (AAEC-225P)
Deciding if Bankruptcy is an Option for You May 1, 2009 354-045
Refinancing Your Mortgage May 1, 2009 354-047
Renter's Rights and Responsibilities: The Basics Dec 18, 2012 354-066 (FCS-12P)
Familes Taking Charge: Talking With Your Spouse
Issues related to finances, like issues related to sexuality, are often difficult ones for spouses to communicate effectively. This is due in part to beliefs such as “you’re supposed to know all about that” and “adults should be able to take care of money matters,” as well as “you should be able to handle all your own problems without seeking help - even from your spouse.”
May 1, 2009 354-103
Emergencies: Are You Prepared? Your Personal Checklist of Important Documents May 1, 2009 354-141
Life Insurance: The Impact of Ownership
The major reason most people buy life insurance is to provide financial support for beneficiaries in case the insured person dies prematurely. However, there are additional reasons for purchasing: to pay off a home mortgage or other debts, to pay for funeral expenses or a college education for children, or for investment or estate planning.
May 1, 2009 354-142
Life Insurance: The Different Types of Policies
A life insurance policy provides a cash payment when a person dies. This payment is known as the death benefit. Many people buy life insurance to protect the people who are dependent on them.
May 1, 2009 354-143
Life Insurance: Term Insurance May 1, 2009 354-144
Life Insurance: Whole-Life Insurance
Whole-life insurance was created to address the problems with term insurance. The biggest problem with term life insurance is that it is purchased for a stated period of time.
May 1, 2009 354-145
Life Insurance: Universal-Life Insurance May 1, 2009 354-146
Life Insurance: Variable Universal-Life Insurance May 1, 2009 354-147
Life Insurance: Payout Options May 1, 2009 354-148
Life Insurance: Calculating Life Insurance Needs May 1, 2009 354-149
Medical Expense Insurance May 1, 2009 354-170
Disability Income Insurance Jun 1, 2009 354-171
Long-Term Care Insurance Feb 14, 2011 354-172
Homeowner's Insurance May 1, 2009 354-173
Survivor Management, 4-H Leader's Guide Nov 16, 2018 392-108