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Resources by Alan Rasmussen

Title Available As Summary Date ID Author
Balancing Life: Resiliency in the Face of Adversity May 11, 2020 ALCE-203NP
Balancing Life: Saving Lives Together Jul 30, 2020 ALCE-215NP
Balancing Life: Managing Stress in Uncertain Times Sep 8, 2020 ALCE-223NP
Balancing Life: Strengthening Family Relationships During Tough Times Nov 11, 2020 ALCE-229NP
Balancing Life: Managing Difficult Conversations
Anyone finding themselves dreading certain conversations? Ever walked away from a discussion wishing you would have said, or not said something? Certainly we all have those opportunities, perhaps at an even greater frequency in our current climate. Join as we discuss ways to have tough conversations, even if we don’t agree on things, in a way that shows both self-respect and respect for others. More COVID-19 resources can be found at COVID-19.
Oct 26, 2020 ALCE-230NP
Balancing Life: Effective Communication in Challenging Situations Nov 11, 2020 ALCE-234NP
Balancing Life: Making Wise Decisions in Times of Uncertainty Mar 12, 2021 ALCE-239NP
Balancing Life: Taking Charge in Challenging Times Feb 12, 2021 ALCE-240NP
Balancing Life: Building Inner Strength Mar 12, 2021 ALCE-243NP
Balancing Life: Staying Resilient in Challenging Times May 21, 2021 ALCE-248NP
Balancing Life: Taking Charge Over Fear and Anxiety Aug 27, 2021 ALCE-263NP
Balancing Life: Maintaining Hope in Challenging Times Apr 15, 2022 ALCE-271NP