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4-H Fashion Revue Policies and Procedures
The purpose of the Fashion Revue Policies and Procedures Manual is to help you understand the process, objectives, and categories that are specific to 4-H Fashion Revue.
Feb 3, 2021 346-146(4H-476NP)
Virginia 4-H Fashion Revue/Clothing Record Feb 3, 2021 346-147 (4H-472NP)
4-H Fashion Revue Consumer Comparison Worksheet
Consumer Comparison is the consideration of two things with regard to some characteristics common to both, i.e. cost of garment, quality of construction, and care instructions. Using your Fashion Revue garment (constructed or selected), please make two comparisons with other similar garments. Check the garment that is your “best buy” choice.
Feb 3, 2021 346-148(4H-475NP)
4-H Fashion Revue Commentary Worksheet
This worksheet may be used to help write your commentary that will be read as you model before the judges. This worksheet does not have to be submitted with your written commentary for state competition.
Feb 1, 2021 346-149(4H-474NP)
4-H Fashion Revue Score Sheet Feb 3, 2021 346-150(4H-473NP)
Caring for Children I: Before Babysitting Apr 4, 2024 350-035
Caring for Children 2: Babysitting Basics Apr 4, 2024 350-045
The Impact of a 4-H Youth Development Program on the Future College/Career Aspirations of Youth Ages 14-19 Feb 28, 2018 380-023 (4H-777)
4-H Extemporaneous Speaking Score Sheet Mar 25, 2022 380-024 (4H-259NP)
Judging Scorecard Oct 8, 2021 380-100 (4H-974NP)
Conducting 4-H Community Service Learning Projects Apr 4, 2024 384-160
4-H Group Enrollment
4-H Group Enrollment Form for authorized programs/events, in-school clubs, and military clubs.
May 20, 2021 388-001 (4H-1021NP)
4-H Youth Member Enrollment (short form)
4-H Member Enrollment SHORT FORM
May 3, 2021 388-002-2 (4H-955NP)
4-H Youth Member Enrollment (long form) May 4, 2021 388-002 (4H-954NP)
Inscripción Para Miembros de 4-H (4-H Youth Member Enrollment Form) Sep 16, 2021 388-002S (4H-965NP) and 388-002s (4H-472s)
Aplicación/Registro Para Voluntario de 4-H (4-H Volunteer Application/Enrollment VA-114) Feb 18, 2021 388-003S (4H-949NP)
Parent Interest List - 4-H Parent Inventory Card Apr 9, 2021 388-006 (4H-587)
4-H Secretary's Record Book Dec 13, 2023 388-024 (4H-1028P)
4-H Treasurer's Record Book Apr 20, 2020 388-025 (4H-882)
Express Yourself! Public Speaking and Presentations Jan 25, 2019 388-028 (4H-833NP)
Exprésese! Presentaciones y Hablar en Público (Express Yourself! Public Speaking and Presentations) Mar 16, 2022 388-028 (4H-833S)
National 4-H Congress
For over 80 years, National 4-H Congress has served as the premiere educational and recognition event for senior 4-H members. It is held each year in Atlanta, Georgia, in late November or early December. National 4-H Congress offers participants an exciting opportunity to explore careers, engage in a variety of quality learning experiences, and have great fun by getting to know other 4-H members from across the country.
May 6, 2021 388-031 (4H-867NP)
Project Medal Order Form Feb 1, 2023 388-033 (4H-767NP)
4-H Event Medication Form Mar 23, 2021 388-036 (4H-947NP)
Formulario de Medicamentos Evento 4-H (4-H Event Medication Form) Mar 1, 2021 388-036S (4H-985)
Standards of Behavior for Virginia 4-H Volunteers
Trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, and citizenship are the six core ethical values which the CHARACTER COUNTS! program calls the “Six Pillars of Character.” These values reflect those of the Virginia 4-H program and each 4-H member, volunteer, and staff member should strive to practice these values. The following standards for 4-H volunteers identify how these values will be reflected in volunteer performance. These standards help to ensure the safety and well-being of all 4-H participants and the integrity of the 4-H program.
Aug 19, 2021 388-044 (4H-962NP)
4-H Camp Teen Counselor Reference Form Apr 29, 2021 388-053 (4H-948NP)
4-H Presentations
A guide to 4-H presentations.
Mar 10, 2022 388-056 (4H-834NP)
4-H Presentations Jan 17, 2019 388-056 (4H-834NP)
Charter Renewal Application for 4-H Clubs and Cloverbud Groups
4-H Charter renewal takes place in the fall each year. Check your local 4-H professional for due dates for your locality. The organizational leader of the 4-H club or Cloverbud group should submit one copy of this application to the local Extension office if the club or group is based at the county or city level. District- or state-level groups should send the application by October 1 to the State 4-H Youth Development Office (107 Hutcheson Hall, Virginia Tech (0419), Blacksburg, VA 24061).
May 29, 2020 388-059 (4H-194)
4-H Presentations Tip Sheet Feb 1, 2021 388-061(4H-419NP)
4-H Presentations Scoring Aid Feb 3, 2021 388-062 (4H-717NP)
Information for Scoring 4-H Share-the-Fun Acts
Our primary objectives in the Share-the-Fun program are to encourage 4-H members to: 1) discover and develop their talents and 2) to develop confidence in self and performing before others. This score sheet is designed to have judges evaluate 4-H members’ performances, give members feedback to assist with their continuous development, and assist in the selection of acts that can be used in an exciting, entertaining variety show.
Jun 18, 2020 388-064(4H-423NP)
Performing Arts Record for Year Feb 1, 2021 388-065 (4H-422NP)
4-H Public Speaking Score Sheet Feb 3, 2021 388-066 (4H-399NP)
Charter Application for 4-H Clubs and Cloverbud Groups
The United States Department of Agriculture and Virginia 4-H require all 4-H clubs and groups to have a charter signed by the Secretary of Agriculture and the Director of the National 4-H Headquarters and issued by the State 4-H Office. This requirement includes 4-H Cloverbud groups, community clubs, project clubs, after-school clubs, and military clubs. For more information about the requirements for and privileges of a Virginia 4-H Charter, see VCE Publication 388-070. To apply for a 4-H Charter, the organizational leader of a 4-H club or Cloverbud group should submit one copy of this application to the local Extension office if the club or group is based at a county or city level. District or state level clubs/groups should send applications to the State 4-H Youth Development Office (107 Hutcheson Hall, Virginia Tech (0419), Blacksburg, VA 24061).
Sep 28, 2020 388-069 (4H-462)
Chartering 4-H Clubs and Adult Volunteer Groups Sep 29, 2022 388-070 (4H-982NP)
How do youth benefit from 4-H Camping in Virginia? Sep 30, 2013 388-107 (4H-183NP)
Virginia 4-H Member Record Feb 3, 2021 388-121 (4H-464)
Virginia 4-H Project Record Feb 3, 2021 388-122 (4H-465)
4-H Volunteer Profile
4-H Volunteer Profile
Sep 28, 2020 388-123 (4H-466NP)
4-H Property Inventory Report Form Aug 29, 2023 388-140 (4H-779)
Charter Application for In-School, Classroom-Based 4-H Clubs Oct 31, 2022 388-145 (4H-1005P)
Virginia 4-H Club Annual Goals and Program Plan Sep 28, 2022 388-210 (4H-984NP)
Virginia 4-H Club Constitution and Bylaws Oct 3, 2022 388-211 (4H-983NP)
A Guide for 4-H Club Officers Oct 19, 2022 388-274 (4H-966P)
Buzz, Body & Bites for Teens - August 2023
August Edition of the Buzz, Body, and Bites Newsletter for Teens
Aug 1, 2023 4H-1022NP
Virginia 4-H Foundation Local Program Endowments Map May 9, 2018 4H-110 (4H-787NP)
Virginia 4-H Beef Heifer Project Junior Record Book Jan 24, 2023 4H-140P
Virginia 4-H Beef Heifer Project Senior Record Book Jan 24, 2023 4H-141P
Virginia 4-H Market Beef Project Junior Record Book Jan 24, 2023 4H-142P
Virginia 4-H Market Beef Project Senior Record Book Jan 24, 2023 4H-143P
Virginia 4-H Market Goat Project Junior Record Book Jan 24, 2023 4H-144P
Virginia 4-H Market Goat Project Senior Record Book Jan 24, 2023 4H-145P
Virginia 4-H Market Hog Project Junior Record Book Jan 24, 2023 4H-146P
Virginia 4-H Market Hog Project Senior Record Book Jan 24, 2023 4H-147P
Virginia 4-H Market Lamb Project Junior Record Book Jan 24, 2023 4H-148P
Virginia 4-H Market Lamb Project Senior Record Book Jan 24, 2023 4H-149P
Virginia 4-H Sheep Flock Project Junior Record Book Jan 24, 2023 4H-150P
Virginia 4-H Sheep Flock Project Senior Record Book Jan 24, 2023 4H-151P
Virginia 4-H Standardized Code of Conduct For 4-H Programs/Events Aug 18, 2021 4H-164 (4H-963NP)
Teen Leadership and Development Fact Sheets: Preparing Teens for Opportunities Beyond the Local Level
Virginia 4-H offers a wide variety of opportunities beyond the local level that enable teens to develop the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and aspirations needed for success. However, before we involve teens in opportunities such as State 4-H Cabinet, State 4-H Congress, Virginia 4-H All Stars, Citizenship Washington Focus, National 4-H Congress, and National 4-H Conference, we — as 4-H professionals — must be sure the teens are adequately prepared for such ventures. This fact sheet provides tips on how to prepare your teens for district, state, national, and international 4-H opportunities.
Feb 14, 2020 4H-283P (4H-880P)
Teen Leadership and Development Fact Sheets: Recruitment and Retention of Teens
Often, society hears negative reports related to teens — for example, 51 percent cheated on a test in the last year (Josephson Institute of Ethics 2012) — and the lack of positive opportunities provided for teens contributes to these statistics. Research shows that when teens are engaged in long-term, positive opportunities with caring adults, they are more likely to be academically productive in high school and to graduate (Lerner et al. 2011). 4-H Youth Development provides the longitudinal opportunities and caring adults who promote positive outcomes for teens. However, the recruitment and retention of teen 4-H members is often difficult because of family and community factors. While these factors may inhibit positive teen opportunities, there are other factors that can help overcome the barriers.
Jun 18, 2014 4H-284P
4-H Photography Contest Score Sheet Jun 5, 2014 4H-292NP
VT Policy Guidelines for Open vs. 4-H Horse Events Apr 8, 2020 4H-306NP (4H-901NP)
Basic Information Agents need to know about Virginia’s 4-H Horse Program Jul 20, 2016 4H-307NP (APSC-125NP)
General Horse Information Agents Need To Know Apr 20, 2020 4H-308 (4H-887NP)
4-H Horse Judging Project Record Book Level 1
This project book is intended for use by enrolled members of the 4-H program. 4-H members interested in completing this book do not need to own or ride horses. Members who have horses may also participate in this project. 4-H members should be active members of a 4-H club and complete this project under the supervision of an adult volunteer leader. 4-H members of all ages may complete this project book. This project is intended to be completed in one year. However, there is no time limit on completion. 4-H members may repeat this book as many times as desired. Members are encouraged to complete one Horse Judging Project Record Book for each year that they are actively participating in horse judging. 4-H members must complete Horse Judging Project Record Book Level 1 before they begin work in this book.
Jan 21, 2021 4H-316NP (4H-568P)
4-H Horse Judging Project Record Book Level 2
This project book will be used to further the education of 4-H members who are interested in horse judging and have already completed the 4-H Horse Judging Project Record Book Level 1.
Jan 21, 2021 4H-317NP (4H-569P)
Virginia 4-H Foundation Newsletter, Fall 2014 Nov 25, 2014 4H-359
Virginia 4-H Contest Guide - Chicken Barbecue Apr 7, 2021 4H-35NP (4H-425NP)
Science Display and Demonstration Sep 28, 2021 4H-37NP
Science Display & Demonstration Jun 13, 2012 4H-37NP
4HOnline Tip Sheet: Running Standard Reports May 4, 2015 4H-402NP
State 4-H Areas Of Competition Mar 7, 2017 4H-415NP (4H-739)
Virginia 4-H Contest Guide - Presentations Feb 3, 2021 4H-420NP
Virginia 4-H Contest Guide - Public Speaking
Public Speaking challenges the contestants to develop and deliver a message that informs, influences or entertains an intended audience. They will plan and deliver a speech with an effective beginning, middle and conclusion. The audience, appropriate topic, purpose, research of supporting materials, and appropriate methods of delivery will be considered.
Feb 3, 2021 4H-421NP
Virginia 4-H Contest Guide-Share-the-Fun Feb 3, 2021 4H-424NP
Virginia 4-H Contest Guide - Turkey Barbecue Feb 3, 2021 4H-426NP
Virginia 4-H Contest Guide - Radio/Public Address
The Radio and Public Address contests provide 4-H youth with an opportunity to express themselves clearly,organize their ideas and have confidence. By competing in this contest, youth learn valuable life skills in effective communication that they will use throughout their lifetime.
Feb 3, 2021 4H-427NP
Virginia 4-H Contest Guide - Science Fair Presentation & Display
The Science Fair Presentation& Display Contest provides youth with the opportunity to communicate scientific experiment by using the scientific method.
Jun 18, 2020 4H-428NP
Virginia 4-H Contest Guide - Egg Preparation Demonstration Feb 3, 2021 4H-429NP
Virginia 4-H Contest Guide - Beef Ambassador Contest
The Beef Ambassador Contest provides the opportunity for youth to educate consumers about beef nutrition, food safety and stewardship practices of the beef industry. This program utilizes youth to tell the beef production story to consumers through promotion, education, media and the online environment.
Feb 3, 2021 4H-430NP
Virginia 4-H Contest Guide- Extemporaneous Speaking
Extemporaneous Speaking challenges contestants to think quickly and prepare a speech on an assigned topic with little preparation. Participants will draw three possible topics, choose one, prepare for 15-30 minutes, and then deliver a 2-5 minute speech response.
Feb 3, 2021 4H-471NP
Virginia 4-H Contest Guide- Fashion Revue
Fashion Revue is a contest that aims to increase youths’ knowledge of consumerism, textiles, and garment constructionwhile providing opportunities to express fashion trends and present themselves in an appropriate manner. Categories exist for purchased and constructed garments.
Feb 3, 2021 4H-477NP
4-H Livestock Judging Project Dec 6, 2022 4H-780
Teen Leadership and Development Fact Sheets: Working Effectively With Teen Volunteers Oct 2, 2020 4H-510P
Virginia 4-H State Horse Program Dec 1, 2022 4H-570NP (4H-1007NP)
Virginia 4-H Foundation Newsletter, Spring 2016 Apr 7, 2016 4H-581
Virginia 4-H Contest Guide- Electric Energy Challenge Apr 6, 2021 4H-588NP
Virginia 4-H Contest Guide- Arc Welding Jun 29, 2021 4H-595NP
A True Leader Gives Back to Move Their Community Forward Aug 5, 2016 4H-617
Opportunities for Senior 4-H Members May 5, 2021 4H-625NP
Virginia 4-H Foundation Newsletter (Summer 2016) Jul 25, 2016 4H-639
SPIN Volunteer Quick Guide to Independence
Jeremy Johnson, Associate Specialist for Volunteer Development for Virginia Cooperative Extension, Virginia Tech
Sep 1, 2022 4H-662NP
SPIN Volunteer Quick Guide to PYD Sep 1, 2022 4H-663NP
SPIN Volunteer Quick Guide to Generosity Sep 1, 2022 4H-664NP
SPIN Volunteer Quick Guide to Belonging Sep 1, 2022 4H-665NP
SPIN Volunteer Quick Guide to Mastery Sep 1, 2022 4H-666NP
SPIN Volunteer Quick Guide to Youth Ages 17-18 Sep 1, 2022 4H-667NP
SPIN Volunteer Quick Guide to Youth Ages 15-16 Sep 1, 2022 4H-668NP
SPIN Volunteer Quick Guide to Youth Ages 12-14 Sep 1, 2022 4H-669NP
SPIN Volunteer Quick Guide to Youth Ages 9-11 Sep 1, 2022 4H-670NP
4H SPIN Club Risk Management Worksheet Sep 1, 2022 4H-671NP
4H SPIN Club Volunteer Expense Report Sep 1, 2022 4H-672NP
SPIN Club Volunteer Plan of Action A Sep 1, 2022 4H-673NP
SPIN Club Volunteer Plan of Action B Sep 1, 2022 4H-674NP
SPIN Club Volunteer Time Log Sep 1, 2022 4H-675NP
Starting a SPIN Club Checklist Sep 1, 2022 4H-676NP
It’s your turn! Become a 4-H SPIN Club volunteer Sep 1, 2022 4H-677NP
Virginia 4-H Foundation Newsletter, Fall 2016 Dec 1, 2016 4H-680
Table Setting Competition Guide Nov 21, 2022 4H-1006NP
The Value of Teen Leadership: Quick Guide Jan 2, 2024 4H-785P
The Value of Teen Leadership Jan 2, 2024 4H-786P
Virginia 4-H Dog Project Record Book Feb 20, 2019 4H-8(4H-846P)
Virginia 4-H Archery Project Record Book Feb 19, 2021 4H-805P (4H-945P)
4-H Member Record Book Guide
This guide is to be used to help you in completing the following 4-H Member Record Books: • 4-H Member Record Book • Novice (4H-689NP) • 4-H Member Record Book • Experienced Junior (4H-690NP) •4-H Member Record Book • Experienced Senior (4H-691NP)
Feb 14, 2024 4H-844
Teen Excellence in Leadership Institute Handbook Aug 23, 2019 4H-852P
4-H Club Deposit Form Mar 24, 2020 4H-883
4-H Club Payment Processing Form Mar 24, 2020 4H-884
4-H Club Individual Reimbursement Form Mar 25, 2020 4H-885
Drone the Unknown Feb 28, 2022 4H-895P
Virginia 4-H Instructor Shooting Education Instructor Certification Request to Host a State Workshop Jul 16, 2020 4H-897NP
4-H TREASURER’S REPORT Mar 25, 2020 4H-898NP
Do I Still Use the Gavel if It's a Virtual Meeting? Tips for Successful Meetings and Parliamentary Procedures in the Age of Zoom Apr 15, 2020 4H-903NP
Youth Advocacy Matters — Finding a Voice Through 4-H May 21, 2020 4H-907
Youth Civic Engagement Matters Embracing Citizenship in Urban Areas May 21, 2020 4H-908NP
Virginia Virtual Farm to Table: Strawberries Jul 6, 2020 4H-909NP
Urban Minority Youth Matters Jun 9, 2020 4H-910NP
Virginia Virtual Farm to Table: Hydroponic Salad Greens Jul 2, 2020 4H-911NP
Virginia Virtual Farm to Table: Honey Jul 2, 2020 4H-912NP
Virginia Virtual Farm to Table: Shiitake Mushrooms Jul 2, 2020 4H-913NP
Virtual Farm to Table: Turkey Jul 2, 2020 4H-914NP
Virginia Virtual Farm to Table: Beef Jul 22, 2020 4H-915NP
Virtual Farm to Table: Potatoes Aug 3, 2020 4H-919NP
Virginia Virtual Farm to Table: Eggs Aug 31, 2020 4H-925NP
4-H Online 2.0 Project Descriptions Tip Sheet Apr 29, 2021 4H-957NP
Buzz, Body & Bites for Teens - May 2023 May 1, 2023 4H-1014NP
June 2023 Buzz, Body, & Bites for Teens Newsletter
A healthy living newsletter targeted at teens to improve their knowledge, overall health and wellbeing.
Jun 1, 2023 4H-1019NP
The Effects of Mineral Dissolution on Water Quality
Acid-base reactions and the concept of pH are critical concepts in chemistry, environmental sciences and Earth science. First, students will present hypotheses of whether the pH will increase or decrease when calcite or pyrite are dissolved in water. Second, in a facilitated activity, students (in groups) will dissolve pyrite and calcite in water and measure the pH after the minerals dissolve. Third, they will hypothesize what happens to the pH when they mix the pyrite and calcite together (in water). Fourth, they will then test their hypotheses by mixing them and measuring pH. Fifth they will discuss if their results support their hypotheses. Last, they will expand what they learned in the experiments to how minerals can be used in water treatment.
Nov 8, 2023 4H-1024NP
4-H Opportunity for All May 11, 2022 4H-987NP
Virginia 4-H Family Handbook Sep 28, 2022 4H-989P
4-H Camp Participant Early Release and Withdrawal Form Sep 30, 2022 4H-994NP
4-H Permission to Use Personal Vehicle Sep 30, 2022 4H-995NP
4-H Camp Emergency Driver and Vehicle Checklist
Virginia 4-H Horse Project Measurement Card Mar 23, 2020 406-050 (4H -881NP)
Members should also enroll in the Horse Management project and keep an accurate and up-to-date management record. Participate in the riding series is strictly on an elective basis. The riding projects should be closely supervised by a horse project leader. Numerous standard references may be used for completing the diagrams, questions, etc. Members should have the basic equipment for riding and the use of a suitable riding animal.
Jul 19, 2021 406-053 (4H-559P)
Self-Determined Horse Project Jul 15, 2021 406-107 (4H-567P)
Virginia 4-H Horse Project Junior Record Book Feb 26, 2018 406-122 (4H-694P)
Virginia 4-H Horse Project Senior Record Book Dec 19, 2018 406-123 (4H-837P)
The Egg-citing Egg - Teacher/Leader Guide Nov 6, 2019 408-031
Risk Management Emergency Card Aug 30, 2021 490-101 (VCE-761P)
Understanding and Developing an Agribusiness Dec 20, 2018 ALCE-176P
Understanding Business Structures, Markets, and Risk Management Strategies Apr 3, 2019 ALCE-177
Balancing Life: Family Fun For All Ages Apr 30, 2020 ALCE-200NP
Engaging Youth Voices Session 1: Helping Teens Find Healing Through Difficult Conversations Jul 14, 2020 ALCE-210NP
Engaging Youth Voices Session 3: Understanding to Support Youth from ALL Racial Backgrounds Jul 14, 2020 ALCE-213NP
Engaging Youth Voices: Session 2 - Youth Voice: A Key Component to Healing Communities Aug 18, 2020 ALCE-214NP
Utility Type Vehicles: UTV Maintenance and Safe Use Lawn Care Training Guide
Utility type vehicles (UTVs) are popular equipment used in a variety of settings, including the lawn care industry. Their hauling capacity and versatility have increased their popularity, and they are widely used in rural, suburban, and urban settings for a variety of lawn care, agricultural, construction, and industrial applications. Considering that UTVs are widely used in the green industry, it is extremely important that young workers in the industry become familiar with the safe operation of UTVs. The purpose of this training guide is to familiarize young workers with the safe use of UTVs.
Jan 29, 2024 BSE-49P (BSE-264P)
Soil Judging in Virginia Dec 5, 2022 CSES-183
Basic First-Aid Supplies
Being Prepared helps families alleviate fears and reduce potential losses related to disasters. In the event of emergencies or disasters, injured people need to receive help within the first hour of the incident. Often family members and co-workers are the initial first responders. First-aid kits are a necessity for attending to victims and should be kept in homes, vehicles, schools and workplaces.
May 8, 2020 VCE-409NP
Biological & Chemical Terrorism
Terrorism is the use of force or violence against people or property in violation of the criminal laws of the United States for purposes of intimidation, coercion or ransom.
May 7, 2020 VCE-410NP
Child Emergency Preparedness
Children and Disasters: Disasters can leave children feeling frightened, confused and insecure. Children may respond to disaster by demonstrating fears, sadness or behavioral problems. Younger children may return to earlier behavior patterns, such as bedwetting, sleep problems and separation anxiety. Older children also may display anger, aggression, school problems or withdrawal. Some children who have only indirect contact with the disaster but witness it on television also may develop distress. Whether a child has personally experienced trauma, has merely seen the event on TV or has heard it discussed by adults, parents and teachers should be informed and ready to help if reactions to stress begin to occur.
May 8, 2020 VCE-411NP
Earthquakes are sudden slips along a geological fault and the resulting ground shaking and radiated seismic energy caused by the slip or by volcanic activity or other sudden stress changes in the earth.
May 8, 2020 VCE-412NP
Floods are one of the most common hazards in the United States. A flood is defined as any high flow, overflow or inundation by water that causes or threatens damage. Flood effects can be local, impacting a neighborhood or community, or very large, affecting entire river basins and multiple states. Each year coastal, estuarine, riverine, overland and flash flooding places thousands of people, pets and livestock at risk of serious injury and death, and destroys property and infrastructure costing valued at billions of dollars.
May 7, 2020 VCE-413NP
Pet Preparedness
Pets often are an important part of people’s lives. If you are like many animal owners, your pet is an important member of your family. The likelihood that you and your animals will survive emergencies or disasters such as a fire, earthquake, flood, tornado or terrorist attack depends largely on emergency planning. Because animals can influence a person’s decision to take protective actions, understand how to manage animals in emergencies.Create fear among the public.
May 8, 2020 VCE-414NP
Tornadoes are violently rotating columns of air with circulation that reaches the ground. Tornadoes usually start as a funnel cloud and are accompanied by a loud, roaring noise.
May 7, 2020 VCE-415NP
Preparing for an Emergency: Make a Family Emergency Kit
Preparing for emergencies is not new. Your grandparents probably have extra supplies, such as: soap and shampoo in the bathroom closets, onions and potatoes stored in the basement, and canned goods on pantry shelves in their home. They understood the value of having a little extra on hand in case of emergencies. All states and counties have experienced disasters. Virginian’s have experienced ice storms, thunder storms, tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, and power outages. It is wise to be prepared for the unexpected.
May 22, 2020 VCE-486NP (VCE-1021NP)