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Resources by Lenah Nguyen

Title Available As Summary Date ID Author
Virginia 4-H Dog Project Record Book Feb 20, 2019 4H-8(4H-846P)
Virginia 4-H Archery Project Record Book Feb 19, 2021 4H-805P (4H-945P)
Virginia Virtual Farm to Table: Shiitake Mushrooms Jul 2, 2020 4H-913NP
Virginia Virtual Farm to Table: Tomatoes Aug 14, 2020 4H-918NP
Virtual Farm to Table: Potatoes Aug 3, 2020 4H-919NP
Virginia Virtual Farm to Table: Chicken Aug 14, 2020 4H-921NP
Virginia Virtual Farm to Table: Peanuts Nov 11, 2020 4H-932NP
Virginia Virtual Farm to Table: Greenhouse and Nursery Ornamentals
From the vegetable transplants, you planted this spring to the shrubs and flowers that decorate the outside and inside of your home, Virginia’s greenhouses and nurseries supply a wide range of crops to regional and local markets. In addition, we have many farmers producing specialty cut flowers to decorate your home and dinner table. After learning about growing ornamentals, you will learn how to create some arrangements for your dinner table.
Oct 27, 2020 4H-934NP
Virginia 4-H Family Handbook Sep 28, 2022 4H-989P
Culpeper County 2023 Situation Analysis Report Mar 5, 2024 VCE-596-26NP (VCE-1175-26NP)