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Resources by Sandy Arnold

Title Available As Summary Date ID Author
General Horse Information Agents Need To Know Apr 20, 2020 4H-308 (4H-887NP)
Virginia 4-H State Horse Program Dec 1, 2022 4H-570NP (4H-1007NP)
Horseless Horse Project Unit 3 Jan 13, 2022 406-093
Horseless Horse Project Unit 4 Jan 13, 2022 406-094
Progressive Riding Series Unit 2 - Novice Jan 13, 2022 406-097
Progressive Riding Series Unit 3 - Horseman Jan 13, 2022 406-098
Progressive Riding Series Unit 4 - Horsemaster Jan 10, 2022 406-099
Horseless Horse Project Unit 2 - Horses Are Fun
Horseless Horse Project Unit 2 - Horses are Fun is the second of four workbooks in this series of the Horseless Horse Project.
Nov 20, 2020 406-105 (4H-931NP)
Horseless Horse Project Unit 1 - Introduction to the Horse Jan 13, 2022 406-120
4-H Project Horse Eligibility/Declaration Jan 21, 2021 406-125 (4H-583NP)
Fall Panicum Toxicity In Horses
Fall Panicum is a common annual warm season grass that can be hepatotoxic (cause liver disease) in horses under certain growing conditions. Toxicity in horses was documented in Virginia in 2004 when fourteen horses were diagnosed with liver disease as a result of consuming Fall Panicum hay. Currently, there have been several cases of suspected toxicity in horses grazing Fall Panicum in Northern Virginia pastures since late summer 2015. The trigger that causes toxicity and the amount of grass required to cause illness are not well understood, thus proper identification and treatment are essential for recovery.
Oct 14, 2020 APSC-116NP
4-H Horse Program Key Dates Agents Need to Know Jun 27, 2016 APSC-128NP