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Charter Application for In-School, Classroom-Based 4-H Clubs


388-145 (4H-1005P)

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Authored by Chad N. Proudfoot

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To apply for a 4-H Charter, the organizational leader of an in-school, classroom-based 4-H club should submit this application to the local Extension office. For schools with more than one classroom-based club, the Extension professional responsible for the 4-H program at the school can use this application as a checklist to confirm that all classroom clubs in the school are in compliance with 4-H Charter requirements. If all clubs are in compliance, one 4-H Charter can be issued per grade in the school for all clubs in that grade. Please note that for classroom-based clubs, the club constitution and bylaws can be the same for all clubs in the school. The annual club program plans can be the same for all clubs per grade in the school.

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Publication Date

October 31, 2022