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On-Site Sewage Treatment Alternatives Mar 27, 2018 448-407 (CSES-222P)
On-Site Treatment and Disposal of Residential Wastewaters on Mined Lands
The development of Southwest Virginia’s coal mining region is limited by a lack of building sites. Much of the land in this region consists of steep slopes with shallow soils that are poorly suited to residential development. In recent years, widespread surface coal mining has created landforms that are favorably located and configured to support residential housing. However, because such sites are commonly located beyond the extent of public sewers, developing them requires a means for on-site wastewater treatment and dispersal. This publication is written for homeowners, homebuilders, land developers, public officials, and others who may have an interest in building residential housing or other types of development on mined lands that are not accessible to public sewers.
Jul 27, 2015 460-142(CSES-115P)