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Title Available As Summary Date ID Author
Filtration, Treatment, and Maintenance Considerations for Micro-Irrigation Systems May 24, 2023 442-757 (BSE-222P)
An Introduction to Drones : On - Farm Use and Safety Implications Jan 15, 2018 ALCE-169NP (ALCE-172NP)
Taste of Farming: Hydroponic Production Apr 4, 2022 ALCE-296-17
Observing Our Natural World with Drones: A Collection of Learning Lessons for Middle and High School Educators Feb 14, 2023 CNRE-141P
An Introduction to Precision Agriculture: An Educator's Guide to Agricultural Earth Observation Dec 5, 2022 CNRE-142P
sUAS Manual Flight Exercises Dec 5, 2022 CNRE-149P
May 2023 Dairy Pipeline May 3, 2023 DASC-158NP
Pollinators in the Out-of-Play Areas of Virginia Golf Courses
This extension publication presents information on how out-of-play areas serve as pollinator-friendly habitats in golf courses. This project also introduces information on the remote sensing approach to monitor the plant health status of this out-of-play areas.
Aug 9, 2023 ENTO-564NP
The Annual Bluegrass Weevil as a Golf Course Pest in Virginia
This extension publication presents information on the biology, phenology monitoring, and damage associated with the annual bluegrass weevil, a key pest of turfgrass under golf course conditions in Virginia. This publication also introduces information on the remote sensing approach to monitor this pest.
Aug 10, 2023 ENTO-565NP
The Emergence of Cyberbiosecurity Concerns in Food and Agriculture Nov 1, 2022 FST-440NP
Drone Use in the Winter Nov 2, 2020 SPES-186NP
Effective Tiller Management for Winter Wheat Jan 4, 2023 SPES-431P
Aerial imagery to improve disease diagnosis and management in field crops Aug 11, 2023 SPES-515NP
2023 Potato Variety Evaluation for the Eastern Shore of Virginia
The publication delves into the critical aspects of potato cultivar selection for Eastern Virginia. It highlights the importance of choosing cultivars well-suited to the region's climate and growing conditions. Factors like temperature fluctuations, precipitation patterns, tuber yield and quality are considered when making these selections. The evaluation process encompasses parameters such as yield potential, vegetative characteristics, and quality attributes like Specific Gravity and chip color. Moreover, the publication explores the use of metrics like NDVI and SPAD for assessing plant health. Detailed results for specific cultivars, such as 'Atlantic' and 'Chieftain,' among others, are provided, emphasizing data-driven decisions for optimal potato production in Eastern Virginia.
Oct 18, 2023 SPES-521NP
Aerial multispectral imagery for high-throughput mapping of spatial corn yield potentials.
Drone-based spectral imaging is a nondestructive approach for estimating corn grain yield efficiently prior to harvest. Such spatial estimations if done early in the season could help growers to identify lower performing areas of the field. This will guide them to adopt prompt, precise and cost-effective crop management operations (e.g., irrigation, fertilizer or fungicide applications) in the same season or before/during next cropping season. Pre-harvest yield estimates would help in better planning and allocation of harvest, storage, and sales resources for higher profitability and crop value. This article summarizes a recent exploration on drone-based multispectral imagery to estimate grain yield potential of corn.
Oct 24, 2023 SPES-526NP