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Resources by Julie Shortridge

Title Available As Summary Date ID Author
Filtration, Treatment, and Maintenance Considerations for Micro-Irrigation Systems May 24, 2023 442-757 (BSE-222P)
Using Groundwater for Agricultural Irrigation in Virginia
Virginia usually receives ample rainfall to support agriculture, but droughts in 2002, 2007, and 2010 led to severe problems for farms in many regions. Using groundwater for irrigation can help manage drought risks on farms without access to ponds or streams. However, installing groundwater wells can be expensive and time-consuming. The amount of water obtained from wells can vary in different regions of the state. This bulletin is intended to provide agricultural producers with information on technical and regulatory issues related to irrigating with groundwater.
Jun 22, 2023 BSE-215P (BSE-353P)
Managing Climate Risks and Extreme Weather in Agriculture May 24, 2023 BSE-226P
Estimating Financial Costs and Benefits of Supplemental Irrigation with the Irrigation Financial Estimator Tool (IFET) Nov 30, 2018 BSE-237P
Supplemental Irrigation with the Irrigation Financial Estimator Tool (IFET)-Workbook Nov 30, 2018 BSE-237A
Irrigation Scheduling in Humid Climates Using the Checkbook Method Jan 30, 2019 BSE-239P
Soil Moisture Sensors for Agricultural Irrigation: An Overview on Sensor Types Jul 21, 2021 BSE-338P
Scheduling Agricultural Irrigation Based on Soil Moisture Content: Interpreting and Using Sensor Data Aug 10, 2021 BSE-339P
Understanding Climate Change Projections in Virginia Dec 21, 2021 BSE-342P
Managing Irrigation with Saline Water May 9, 2023 BSE-348P
Understanding Salinity in Tidal Waters: Information for Irrigators May 11, 2023 BSE-349P
2023 Virginia Peanut Production Guide Jan 3, 2023 SPES-367NP (SPES-451NP)
VCE Ag Today: Irrigation Tips for Row Crops Apr 12, 2021 VCE-1027-12NP