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Resources by Susan Duncan

Title Available As Summary Date ID Author
Edamame Processing: What Do I Need to Know? Jun 30, 2020 FST-371P
Cyber attacks in agriculture: protecting your farm and small business with cyberbiosecurity Jul 14, 2021 FST-387NP
Selection and Cooking Basics for Preparing High Quality, Safe Seafood (Fish and Shellfish) Jul 16, 2018 FST-96NP
Increasing Your Confidence in Cooking High Quality, Safe Seafood (Fish and Shellfish): A Demonstration Tutorial Jul 16, 2018 FST-98NP
The Emergence of Cyberbiosecurity Concerns in Food and Agriculture Nov 1, 2022 FST-440NP
USDA Edamame Project Feb 15, 2019 SPES-104NP
Edamame in Virginia III. Handling and Processing from Harvest to Package Apr 14, 2023 SPES-456P