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Aerial imagery to improve disease diagnosis and management in field crops Aug 11, 2023 SPES-515NP
Aerial multispectral imagery for high-throughput mapping of spatial corn yield potentials.
Drone-based spectral imaging is a nondestructive approach for estimating corn grain yield efficiently prior to harvest. Such spatial estimations if done early in the season could help growers to identify lower performing areas of the field. This will guide them to adopt prompt, precise and cost-effective crop management operations (e.g., irrigation, fertilizer or fungicide applications) in the same season or before/during next cropping season. Pre-harvest yield estimates would help in better planning and allocation of harvest, storage, and sales resources for higher profitability and crop value. This article summarizes a recent exploration on drone-based multispectral imagery to estimate grain yield potential of corn.
Oct 24, 2023 SPES-526NP