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2022-2023 Mid-Atlantic Commercial Vegetable Production Recommendations
This guide lists vegetable varieties that are available and are adapted to the mid-Atlantic region, gives an overview of cultural practices, and list chemicals recommended to manage pests, diseases and weeds in vegetable crops. New varieties of vegetables are constantly being developed throughout the world. While all efforts are made to have comprehensive lists, not all varieties that are adapted will be listed.
Feb 17, 2022 456-420 (SPES-391P)
Managing Irrigation with Saline Water May 9, 2023 BSE-348P
Protective Agriculture Production Series: Fundamentals Sep 16, 2021 SPES-355NP
2021 Eastern Shore AREC Interactive Research Field Day Oct 8, 2021 SPES-359NP
How to develop a planting plan for vegetables in Virginia: A sample spreadsheet May 11, 2022 SPES-401NP
Protective Agriculture Production Series: Plant density recommendations Feb 2, 2023 SPES-474NP
Virginia Vegetable Specialist Team Mar 31, 2023 SPES-480NP
Basic melon (Cucumis melo L.) physiology and morphology
Understanding the fundamental aspects of melon physiology and morphology is essential for optimizing its cultivation, improving yield, and enhancing fruit quality. This document provides a concise overview of the key physiological and morphological characteristics of the basic melon plant, highlighting its growth and development processes. The physiological aspects encompass various essential factors that influence melon growth, including photosynthesis, water relations, nutrient uptake and assimilation, and hormone regulation. Melon plants exhibit distinct physiological responses to environmental stimuli such as light, temperature, and water availability, which directly impact their growth, flowering, and fruiting. An understanding of these physiological processes aids in implementing appropriate cultivation practices and management strategies for maximizing melon productivity.
Jun 9, 2023 SPES-507NP
Basic Tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum) Physiology and Morphology May 31, 2023 SPES-508NP
VCE AG Today: Tips For Starting the Vegetable Season off Right Feb 10, 2022 VCE-1027-62NP