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Title Available As Summary Date ID Author
Common Ticks of Virginia Jan 30, 2022 2906-1396 (ENTO-487NP)
Virginia 4-H Market Goat Project Junior Record Book Jan 24, 2023 4H-144P
Virginia 4-H Market Goat Project Senior Record Book Jan 24, 2023 4H-145P
Virginia 4-H Sheep Flock Project Junior Record Book Jan 24, 2023 4H-150P
Virginia 4-H Sheep Flock Project Senior Record Book Jan 24, 2023 4H-151P
Grass, Goats, and Uninvited Guests! Oct 21, 2022 4H-876P
Nutrient Management for Small Farms Dec 17, 2018 442-305 (BSE-241P)
Selection and Location of Poultry and Livestock Manure Storage Jan 17, 2019 442-307 (BSE-243P)
Poultry and Livestock Manure Storage: Management and Safety Jan 16, 2019 442-308 (BSE-244P)
Manure Management and Environmental Stewardship Jan 16, 2019 442-309 (BSE-245NP)
Starting a Small Scale Dairy (Part I): Raising a Healthy and Future Production Dairy Heifer Apr 20, 2023 ALCE-309NP
Starting a Small Scale Dairy (Part II): Small Scale Dairy with Cows or Goats Apr 20, 2023 ALCE-310NP
Starting a Small Scale Dairy (Part III): The Rest of the Story Apr 20, 2023 ALCE-311NP
Sheep and Goat Production Apr 20, 2023 ALCE-314NP
Eldon Farm's Graze 300 VA System Dec 16, 2022 ANR-290NP
Dewormer Resistance on Virginia Sheep Farms Dec 5, 2017 APSC-141NP
Influence of Breed and Supplementation on Consumer Ratings of Pasture-raised Ground Lamb Dec 11, 2017 APSC-142NP
Preparing for the breeding season in meat goats and hair sheep Feb 20, 2018 APSC-143NP
Enhancing Reproductive Performance in Small Ruminants: Part I. Biology of Reproduction Mar 1, 2020 APSC-157P
Enhancing Reproductive Performance in Small Ruminants Part II: Puberty and Estrous Cycles Mar 1, 2020 APSC-158P
Enhancing Reproductive Performance in Small Ruminants Part III. Breeding and Management Systems Mar 1, 2020 APSC-159P
Enhancing Reproductive Performance in Small Ruminants Part IV: Breed/Selection Mar 1, 2020 APSC-160P
Enhancing Reproductive Performance in Small Ruminants: Part V. Nutrition and Health Mar 1, 2020 APSC-164P
Enhancing Reproductive Performance in Small Ruminants: Part VI. Reproductive Management Techniques Mar 1, 2020 APSC-165P
Using Fecal Egg Counts On Your Farm Sep 17, 2019 APSC-166NP
Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for the Use of Above Ground Burial to Manage Catastrophic Livestock Mortality in Non-Disease Situations Aug 4, 2021 APSC-178NP
Activity Lesson Plan for Proper Storage, Labeling, and Accounting for Medications
Purpose: To teach youth how to read a medication label so they are better able to understand how to store and administer medications for different livestock species.
Jun 23, 2021 APSC-99P (APSC-176P)
Asian Longhorned Tick and Theileria Orientalis Ikeda: Current Thoughts and Understandings
This project will be used to disseminate current thoughts and understand the invasive species of Asian Longhorned Tick (ALT) and the spread of Theileria. The Asian Longhorned Tick is a new invasive species that was first found in the US in 2017 and has since spread to 19 states from the Atlantic Coast to the Southeastern region of the US. The ALT is credited with the widespread of Theileria. Theileria is a blood protozoa parasite that has had a negative impact on cattle producers across the state. This article is what we currently understand about the ALT and the spread of Theileria.
Nov 30, 2023 APSC-196P
Southwest Virginia Agricultural Research and Extension Center Jan 1, 2024 AREC-179NP (AREC-302NP)
Asian Longhorned Tick May 26, 2023 ENTO-282NP (ENTO-560NP)
Catastrophic Livestock and Poultry Carcass Disposal Jun 5, 2019 SPES-138NP
On Farm Mortality Disposal Options for Livestock Producers Jun 3, 2019 SPES-139NP
Stockpile Grazing in Autumn Nov 2, 2023 SPES-29P
Using Grazing Charts
This is a Graze 300 Virginia video which is part of an Extension initiative to enable Virginia farmers to achieve 300 days of livestock grazing by facilitating better pasture management and environmental stewardship. In this video clip, Tim Mize, Extension Agent with Virginia Cooperative Extension, and Norman Bower, a cooperating farmer, share how a grazing chart can be a roadmap for communicating and planning a farm's grazing plan. For more information about Graze 300 VA and Virginia Cooperative Extension, please visit Graze 300. Funding for the video was generously provided by the Agua Fund to encourage sustainable resilient agriculture and the conservation of important natural resources.
Nov 2, 2023 SPES-30P
Temporary Electric Fencing for Small Ruminants with Tim Mize Nov 7, 2022 SPES-438NP
Tree Selection Guide for Mid-Atlantic Silvopastures
This guide provides key information for selecting trees suitable for silvopasture operations in the Mid-Atlantic region of the U.S. – states include Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia. This guide includes species native to North America with an emphasis on those native to Mid-Atlantic states. Only woody plants over 25 feet tall at maturity that are primarily single stemmed were considered. Both deciduous and evergreens are included.
May 10, 2024 SPES-476NP
Managing the Spring Pasture Flush May 8, 2023 SPES-486P
VCE Ag Today: Small Ruminants Nov 10, 2021 VCE-1027-54NP