Resources by David McCall

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Fall Lawn Care
The fall season is an important transition period of turfgrass growth and development, and the management of your warm- and cool-season grasses at this time of year means a great deal in terms of anticipated success in your lawn the following spring.
Jul 20, 2020 430-520(SPES-223P)
Maintenance Calendar for Warm-Season Lawns in Virginia Sep 25, 2019 430-522 (SPES-161P)
Maintenance Calendar for Cool-Season Turfgrasses in Virginia Sep 25, 2019 430-523 (SPES-162P)
Spring and Summer Lawn Management Considerations for Cool-Season Turfgrasses May 1, 2009 430-532
Nozzles: Selection and Sizing
This fact sheet covers nozzle description, recommended use for common nozzle types, and orifice sizing for agricultural and turf sprayers. Proper selection of a nozzle type and size is essential for correct and accurate pesticide application. The nozzle is a major factor in determining the amount of spray applied to an area, uniformity of application, coverage obtained on the target surface, and amount of potential drift.
Aug 13, 2019 442-032 (BSE-262P)
2022 Pest Management Guide - Horticultural and Forest Crops Feb 15, 2022 456-017 (ENTO-463P)
2022 Pest Management Guide - Home Grounds and Animals
This 2022 Virginia Pest Management Guide provides the latest recommendations for controlling diseases, insects, and weeds for home grounds and animals. The chemical controls in this guide are based on the latest pesticide label information at the time of writing. Because pesticide labels change, read the label directions carefully before buying and using any pesticide. Regardless of the information provided here, always follow the latest product label instructions when using any pesticide.
Feb 11, 2022 456-018 (ENTO-462P)
Maintenance Calendar for Bermudagrass Jun 21, 2021 SPES-329NP
Hurricane Preparedness for Turfgrass Systems Jul 20, 2021 SPES-340NP
Cool-Season Turfgrass Sports Field Maintenance Calendar Jul 22, 2021 SPES-341NP
“Lost in the Weeds” part 1 Nov 28, 2022 SPES-441NP
“Lost in the Weeds” part 2 Nov 28, 2022 SPES-442NP
“Let the Clips Fall Where they May” Nov 28, 2022 SPES-443NP
"Don't Guess, Do the Test" Nov 28, 2022 SPES-444NP
“Application Without Calibration" Nov 28, 2022 SPES-445NP
"Fungus Among Us" Nov 28, 2022 SPES-446NP
"PPE and Me" Nov 28, 2022 SPES-447NP
"Don't Waste Water" Nov 28, 2022 SPES-488NP