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Resources by Srdjan Acimovic

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Brown Rot on Peach and Other Stone Fruits
Brown rot is one of the most destructive diseases of peach and nectarine in Virginia, and also occurs on other stone fruits such as apricot, cherry, and plum. When environmental conditions favor this disease, crop loss can be devastating.
Feb 16, 2024 450-721 (SPES-554P)
2024 Pest Management Guide - Home Grounds and Animals Jan 19, 2024 456-018 (ENTO-567P)
2024 Spray Bulletin for Commercial Tree Fruit Growers
The guide contains information on pesticides used in orchards, with a seasonal treatment of when and how these materials should be employed. Efficacy information toward major fruit pests as well as beneficial species is included. The guide is black and white, but with a color photograph for the cover. It is spiral bound.
Jan 25, 2024 456-419 (ENTO-577P)
Apple Blotch Disease
In this publication, we describe apple blotch disease, also known as Marssonina leaf blotch, an emerging apple disease in the Eastern United States. This disease leads to severe apple tree crown defoliation that indirectly affects the apple fruit size, color, yield and twig development. The causal gent of this disease is a fungus Diplocarpon coronariae (also known as Marssonina coronaria).
Jun 14, 2023 SPES-509NP