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Facilitator’s Guidebook - 2018, Community-Based Food System Assessment and Planning Oct 25, 2018 3108-9029 (CV-88NP)
Predicting Tractor Diesel Fuel Consumption
Ability to predict tractor fuel consumption is very useful for budgeting and management. The objective of this factsheet is to develop relationships using field measurements and Nebraska Tractor Test Laboratory results to estimate tractor fuel consumption. Using these equations, farmers can estimate and compare the fuel consumption for different operating and loading conditions.
May 13, 2020 442-073 (BSE-328P)
“Gear Up and Throttle Down” to Save Fuel
“Gear-up and throttle-down” (GUTD) is a fuel-saving practice that can be used for saving fuel when drawbar loads are lighter (<75 percent of rated power) and PTO (power takeoff) speed can be reduced.
May 13, 2020 442-450 (BSE-326P)
Economic Pests of Turfgrass Dec 16, 2022 ENTO-237NP
COVID-19 Seguridad De Alimentos: ¿Puede Ser El Coronavirus Un Problema En La Producción De Frutas O Verduras? (Covid-19 and Food Safety FAQ: Is Coronavirus an Issue in Produce Production?) Jun 1, 2020 FST-368-19ANP
COVID-19 Puestos De Alimentos Agrícolas: Medidas Para Operadores De Puestos Agrícolas (Covid-19 FAQ For Farm Stands: Steps For Farm Stand Operators) Jun 2, 2020 FST-368-21ANP
COVID-19 Medidas Preventivas: Lavando Y Desinfectando Bolsas Reutilizables Jun 2, 2020 FST-368-22ANP
Manejo Del COVID-19: Granjas De Frutas Y Verduras, Y Empacadoras (Handling Covid-19: Produce Farms and Packinghouses) Jun 1, 2020 FST-368-23ANP
Manejo De COVID-19: Mejores Prácticas Para Agronegocios (Handling Covid-19: Best Practices For Agribusiness) Jun 1, 2020 FST-368-25ANP
COVID-19: Medidas Preventivas: Pañuelos Para Protegerse La Cara Jun 1, 2020 FST-368-26ANP
COVID-19: Medidas Preventivas: Tapabocas De Tela Para Empleados Que Trabajan Con Alimentos May 29, 2020 FST-368-27ANP
COVID-19: Medidas Preventivas: Tapabocas Y Cubiertas Faciales De Tela May 29, 2020 FST-368-28ANP
COVID-19: Medidas Preventivas: Como Utilizar Cubiertas Faciales May 29, 2020 FST-368-29ANP
COVID-19: Medidas Preventivas: Haciendo Tapabocas De Tela Jun 2, 2020 FST-368-30ANP
COVID-19: Medidas Preventivas: Como Prepararse Contra Un Brote En Su Comunidad (COVID-19 Preventative Measures: Preparing for an Outbreak in Your Community) Jan 15, 2021 FST-368-3ANP
Food Safety For School and Community Gardens: A Handbook for Beginning and Veteran Garden Organizers
Creating and maintaining community and school gardens has been identified as an effective strategy to increase healthy food awareness and consumption. Unfortunately, fresh fruits and vegetables have been linked to more than 450 outbreaks of foodborne illness in the U.S. since 1990. In commercial food production, employing a set of risk-reduction steps — known as good agricultural practices (GAPs) — has been pointed to by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration as the best prevention against foodborne, illness-causing pathogens.
May 29, 2013 FST-60P (FST-296)
Selecting and Using Plant Growth Regulators on Floricultural Crops
Plant growth regulators (PGRs) are chemicals that are designed to affect plant growth and/or development (figure 1). They are applied for specific purposes to elicit specific plant responses. Although there is much scientific information on using PGRs in the greenhouse, it is not an exact science. Achieving the best results with PGRs is a combination of art and science — science tempered with a lot of trial and error and a good understanding of plant growth and development. good understanding of plant growth and development.
Nov 15, 2019 HORT-43P (SPES-149P)
2021 Peanut Variety and Quality Evaluation Results - Quality Data Mar 24, 2022 SPES-395NP
Peanut Variety and Quality Evaluation Results 2022 Apr 21, 2023 SPES-499NP