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Title Available As Summary Date ID Author
Bluegrass Billbug Pest Management in Orchardgrass Feb 4, 2019 444-040
Hunting Billbug Pest Management in Orchardgrass Feb 4, 2019 444-041
Japanese Beetle in Field Corn Feb 4, 2019 444-106
Asiatic Garden Beetle in Field Corn Feb 4, 2019 444-108
Slugs in Field Corn Feb 4, 2019 444-109
Using Pitfall Traps to Monitor Insect Activity Feb 4, 2019 444-416
Sugarcane Beetle, Euetheola humilis
Sugarcane beetle is a sporadic but serious pest of several crops in Virginia. Although an occasional pest, outbreaks can lead to substantial losses in crops and property damage. It can cause significant damage to corn, sugarcane, rice, sweetpotato, and turfgrass, and has also been reported on strawberry, cotton, rose, and wild grasses. Populations in southern states may flare to levels that become a nuisance as it gathers at light sources. Its life cycle spans one generation per year, with adults becoming active in late spring. These beetles primarily feed on plant roots and management involves cultural practices and chemical control, focusing on targeting adult beetles to reduce crop damage. Further research is needed to develop effective pest management strategies that rely less on chemical control tactics.
Jun 6, 2024 ENTO-13NP (ENTO-595NP)
Evaluation of the Residual Efficacy of Commercial Slug Baits
Slugs are prevalent pests in no-till and reduced-till crop systems in Virginia. These slimy mollusks utilize plant residue to hide during the day, and at night, they feed on numerous crops causing irregular feeding holes and shredded leaves. Slugs cause the most damage during early plant growth.
Feb 15, 2021 ENTO-178NP (ENTO-401NP)
Economic Pests of Turfgrass Dec 16, 2022 ENTO-237NP