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Resources by Carl Zipper

Title Available As Summary Date ID Author
On-Site Sewage Treatment Alternatives Oct 19, 2023 448-407 (SPES-520P)
Powell River Project - Foundations for Housing on Reclaimed Mined Lands Jul 26, 2023 460-115 (CSES-218P)
Powell River Project - Growing Christmas Trees on Reclaimed Surface-mined Land
Christmas tree production can be an excellent use for reclaimed mined lands in Virginia. Most species do quite well on mine soils because they are more tolerant of infertile and droughty conditions than agricultural or horticultural crops, yet they do respond to active management. Christmas trees can be harvested within seven to 10 years, while timber crops take much longer to mature. For the person with time to invest, Christmas trees can be an ideal way to put small parcels of reclaimed mined lands to profitable use. Individual growers can conveniently maintain up to 5 acres of trees in their spare time.
Jul 1, 2023 460-116
Powell River Project - Conversion of Sericea Lespedeza-dominant Vegetation to Quality Forages for Livestock Use Jul 27, 2023 460-119 (CSES-219P)
Powell River Project - Creation and Management of Productive Minesoils Jul 24, 2023 460-121 (CSES-209P)
Powell River Project - Revegetation Species and Practices
This publication describes procedures for revegetating surface coal mine reclamation sites with grasses and herbaceous legumes.
Jul 28, 2023 460-122 (CSES-210P)
Powell River Project - How to Restore Forests on Surface-mined Land
This publication describes procedures for re-establishing native forest trees on surface coal mine reclamation sites in southwestern Virginia and elsewhere in Appalachia.
Jul 28, 2023 460-123 (CSES-211P)
Powell River Project - Establishing Groundcover for Forested Postmining Land Uses Mar 15, 2018 460-124 (CSES-212P)
Powell River Project - Establishment and Maintenance of Quality Turfgrass on Surface-mined Land Jul 27, 2023 460-127 (CSES-213P)
Powell River Project - Stabilizing Reclaimed Mines to Support Buildings and Development
This publication describes procedures for preparing mined lands to serve industrial sites by ensuring adequate geotechnical stability for that purpose, and for converting mined lands that were reclaimed for other purposes to industrial uses.
Jul 28, 2023 460-130 (CSES-214P)
Powell River Project - Reclamation of Coal Refuse Disposal Areas Jul 25, 2023 460-131 (CSES-215P)
Powell River Project - Reclaiming Mined Lands as Industrial Sites Jul 25, 2023 460-132 (CSES-217P)
Powell River Project - Passive Treatment of Acid-Mine Drainage
This publication describes procedures for treating and renovating water quality of acid-mine drainage discharges using "passive treatment" technologies such as constructed wetlands.
Jul 28, 2023 460-133 (CSES-216P)
Powell River Project - Recovery of Native Plant Communities After Mining
This publication describes plant communities occurring on mine sites that were reclaimed during different eras, and using different reclamation methods.
Jul 28, 2023 460-140 (CSES-220P)
Powell River Project - Reforestation Guidelines for Unused Surface Mined Lands in the Eastern United States
This publication describes procedures for converting reclaimed mined lands that are unmanaged into productive forest ecosystems with native trees as dominant vegetation.
Jul 28, 2023 460-144 (CSES-221P)
Powell River Project - Enhancing Wildlife Habitat on Reclaimed Mine Lands Jul 26, 2023 460-145 (CSES-208P)