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Resources by Bo Zhang

Title Available As Summary Date ID Author
Production and Economic Considerations for Fresh Market Edamame in Southwest Virginia Jul 15, 2019 AAEC-188P
USDA Edamame Project Feb 15, 2019 SPES-104NP
Biofortification: Creating a Healthier Food Supply Nov 23, 2020 SPES-267P
2021 Eastern Shore AREC Interactive Research Field Day Oct 8, 2021 SPES-359NP
Edamame in Virginia I: Products and Marketing Mar 29, 2023 SPES-454NP
Edamame in Virginia II. Producing a High-Quality Product Apr 13, 2023 SPES-455P
Edamame in Virginia III. Handling and Processing from Harvest to Package Apr 14, 2023 SPES-456P