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Resources by Ursula T Deitch

Title Available As Summary Date ID Author
Taste of Farming: Vegetable Production and Food Safety Requirements Apr 1, 2022 ALCE-296-5
Survey of Pest Management Practices of Virginia Sweet Corn Growers – 2017 Dec 5, 2017 ENTO-248NP
Corn earworm monitoring in commercial sweet corn fields in Virginia – 2017 Mar 5, 2018 ENTO-266NP
2021 Virtual Eastern Shore Agricultural Conference and Trade Show Mar 12, 2021 SPES-312NP
2022 Potato Industry Status at the Eastern Shore of Virginia
This document provides an overview of the potato industry's status in 2022, including key statistics such as acreage, cultivar selection methods, planting practices, and pest control measures. The challenges faced by potato farmers in the region are also discussed, including issues related to fertilization, labor, pests, and market conditions. Additionally, the document outlines the research priorities identified by potato farmers, focusing on soil analysis, weather data accessibility, and irrigation management. It emphasizes the importance of research and innovation for the sector's future growth. Lastly, the document explores communication preferences among potato farmers, highlighting their preference for email and annual conferences as effective means of information exchange.
Oct 23, 2023 SPES-522NP
Northampton County 2023 Situation Analysis Report
Virginia Cooperative Extension takes pride in the premise that vital programming is based on the issues, problems, and needs of the people. A thorough analysis of the situation provides context for understanding and addressing these problems. Each local office updates their situation analysis every 4-5 years.
Mar 26, 2024 VCE-596-70NP (VCE-1175-70NP)