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Resources by Shawn Jadrnicek

Title Available As Summary Date ID Author
How to develop a planting plan for vegetables in Virginia: A sample spreadsheet May 11, 2022 SPES-401NP
Comparison of Raised Bed Methods, Materials, and Costs Sep 29, 2022 SPES-425NP
Stone Burier Implement
Demonstration and explanation of operation and use of a stone burier implement for tractor. The tool buries stones in a field and makes raised beds at the same time. Burying stones prevents cultivation and planting equipment from skipping and causing loss of production. The stone burier can also be used to bury cover crops allowing quicker field turnovers.
Feb 26, 2024 SPES-572NP
Roanoke/Salem 2023 Situation Analysis Report
Virginia Cooperative Extension takes pride in the premise that vital programming is based on the issues, problems, and needs of the people. A thorough analysis of the situation provides context for understanding and addressing these problems. Each local office updates their situation analysis every 4-5 years.
Apr 1, 2024 VCE-596-87NP (VCE-1175-87NP)