Resources for Poultry

Title Available As Summary Date ID Author
Raising Fowl and Small Animals in Urban Areas Sep 28, 2018 2902-1086 (APSC-148NP)
Transporting Poultry in a Humane Manner Sep 28, 2018 2902-1088 (APSC-147NP)
Why Have My Hens Stopped Laying? 5 Factors that Impact Egg Production Jul 12, 2022 2902-1097 (APSC-180NP)
Leg and Foot Disorders in Domestic Fowl Oct 2, 2018 2902-1098 (APSC-149NP)
Virtual Farm to Table: Turkey Jul 2, 2020 4H-914NP
Virginia Virtual Farm to Table: Chicken Aug 14, 2020 4H-921NP
Virginia Virtual Farm to Table: Eggs Aug 31, 2020 4H-925NP
Beginning of Life Record Book Nov 9, 2009 408-027
The Egg-citing Egg Nov 9, 2009 408-030
The Egg-citing Egg - Teacher/Leader Guide Nov 6, 2019 408-031
A Brighter Idea: Eggs! Nov 22, 2009 408-032
Poultry Yearly Plan and Record Book Apr 24, 2019 408-042
Fertilizing Cool-Season Forages with Poultry Litter versus Commercial Fertilizer Aug 30, 2019 418-142
Nutrient Management for Small Farms Dec 17, 2018 442-305 (BSE-241P)
Selection and Location of Poultry and Livestock Manure Storage Jan 17, 2019 442-307 (BSE-243P)
Poultry and Livestock Manure Storage: Management and Safety Jan 16, 2019 442-308 (BSE-244P)
Manure Management and Environmental Stewardship Jan 16, 2019 442-309 (BSE-245NP)
Impact of Changing From Nitrogen- to Phosphorus-Based Manure Nutrient Management Plans Aug 30, 2019 442-310
Risk Management and Crop Insurance Mar 25, 2021 AAEC-282NP
GMO, Bioengineered Labeling, and Non-GMO Food Mar 1, 2021 AAEC-283NP
Welfare considerations for on-farm or backyard slaughter of poultry Jan 28, 2019 APSC-152NP
Euthanasia for Broiler Chickens: Manual and Mechanical Cervical Dislocation Methods Oct 15, 2019 APSC-161P
Ten Things to Know Before You Get Chickens Dec 8, 2020 APSC-172NP
Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for the Use of Above Ground Burial to Manage Catastrophic Livestock Mortality in Non-Disease Situations Aug 4, 2021 APSC-178NP
Activity Lesson Plan for Proper Storage, Labeling, and Accounting for Medications
Purpose: To teach youth how to read a medication label so they are better able to understand how to store and administer medications for different livestock species.
Jun 23, 2021 APSC-99P (APSC-176P)