Resources by Phillip J. Clauer

Title Available As Summary Date ID Author
Raising Fowl and Small Animals in Urban Areas Sep 28, 2018 2902-1086 (APSC-148NP)
Transporting Poultry in a Humane Manner
Poultry is transported for a few different reasons, for instance to fairs or markets, to a new owner, the vet, or to slaughter. Unfortunately, few people put much thought into how to best transport their fowl. As a result, birds experience distress, get sick or die in transit. This can be easily avoided. Consider the following factors before transporting fowl.
Sep 27, 2023 2902-1088 (APSC-188NP)
Small-scale Poultry Housing Apr 28, 2023 2902-1092 (APSC-186NP)
Why Have My Hens Stopped Laying? 5 Factors that Impact Egg Production Jul 12, 2022 2902-1097 (APSC-180NP)
Leg and Foot Disorders in Domestic Fowl Oct 2, 2018 2902-1098 (APSC-149NP)