Resources by Clinton Neill

Title Available As Summary Date ID Author
Demystifying Food Labels: General Labels for All Meat Products Feb 6, 2019 AAEC-167NP
Demystifying Food Labels: Labels for Specific Meat Products Feb 28, 2019 AAEC-171NP
One Bite at a Time: Virginia and North Carolina Food as a Business Program Mar 18, 2019 AAEC-172NP
Components of a Food Business Plan May 8, 2019 AAEC-182NP
Produce Safety, Perceived Risk, and Consumer Choice Jul 15, 2019 AAEC-187P
Production and Economic Considerations for Fresh Market Edamame in Southwest Virginia Jul 15, 2019 AAEC-188P
Edamame: Costs, Revenues, and Profitability Jul 15, 2019 AAEC-189P
Grocery Store Layouts: Where is it Located and Why? May 28, 2019 AAEC-190NP
Labels, Logos, and Brands - What's the Difference? Aug 30, 2019 AAEC-207NP
USDA Edamame Project Feb 15, 2019 SPES-104NP