Resources for Mined Land Reclamation

Title Available As Summary Date ID Author
Soil Sample Information Sheet for Surface-Mined Areas Jun 23, 2017 452-127 (CSES-189NP)
Powell River Project - Foundations for Housing on Reclaimed Mined Lands Mar 16, 2018 460-115 (CSES-218P)
Powell River Project - Growing Christmas Trees on Reclaimed Surface-mined Land Sep 2, 2009 460-116
Powell River Project - Conversion of Sericea Lespedeza-dominant Vegetation to Quality Forages for Livestock Use Mar 15, 2018 460-119 (CSES-219P)
Powell River Project - Creation and Management of Productive Minesoils Mar 15, 2018 460-121 (CSES-209P)
Powell River Project - Revegetation Species and Practices Mar 26, 2018 460-122 (CSES-210P)
Powell River Project - How to Restore Forests on Surface-mined Land Mar 16, 2018 460-123 (CSES-211P)
Powell River Project - Establishing Groundcover for Forested Postmining Land Uses Mar 15, 2018 460-124 (CSES-212P)
Powell River Project - Establishment and Maintenance of Quality Turfgrass on Surface-mined Land Mar 15, 2018 460-127 (CSES-213P)
Powell River Project - Management of Cow-Calf Production on Reclaimed Surface-Mined Land Feb 12, 2010 460-128
Powell River Project - Stabilizing Reclaimed Mines to Support Buildings and Development Mar 27, 2018 460-130 (CSES-214P)
Powell River Project - Reclamation of Coal Refuse Disposal Areas Mar 16, 2018 460-131 (CSES-215P)
Powell River Project - Reclaiming Mined Lands as Industrial Sites Mar 16, 2018 460-132 (CSES-217P)
Powell River Project - Passive Treatment of Acid-Mine Drainage Mar 16, 2018 460-133 (CSES-216P)
Powell River Project - Restoring the Value of Forests on Reclaimed Mined Land Dec 4, 2009 460-138
Powell River Project - Recovery of Native Plant Communities After Mining Mar 20, 2018 460-140 (CSES-220P)
Powell River Project - Mine Permitting to Establish Productive Forests as Post-Mining Land Uses Sep 29, 2009 460-141
On-Site Treatment and Disposal of Residential Wastewaters on Mined Lands
The development of Southwest Virginia’s coal mining region is limited by a lack of building sites. Much of the land in this region consists of steep slopes with shallow soils that are poorly suited to residential development. In recent years, widespread surface coal mining has created landforms that are favorably located and configured to support residential housing. However, because such sites are commonly located beyond the extent of public sewers, developing them requires a means for on-site wastewater treatment and dispersal. This publication is written for homeowners, homebuilders, land developers, public officials, and others who may have an interest in building residential housing or other types of development on mined lands that are not accessible to public sewers.
Jul 27, 2015 460-142(CSES-115P)
Powell River Project - Reforestation Guidelines for Unused Surface Mined Lands in the Eastern United States Mar 16, 2018 460-144 (CSES-221P)
Powell River Project - Enhancing Wildlife Habitat on Reclaimed Mine Lands Mar 15, 2018 460-145 (CSES-208P)
Managing Shrub-Infested, Postmined Pasturelands With Goats and Cattle Part II. Effects on Forage Biomass, Nutritive Values, and Animal Performance Jan 9, 2012 CSES-3
Managing Shrub-Infested, Postmined Pasturelands With Goats and Cattle. Part I: Effect on Botanical Composition and Browse Species Jan 18, 2012 CSES-4