Resources for 4-H Animal Sciences

Title Available As Summary Date ID Author
4-H PetPALS Member Resource Nov 10, 2009 380-005
4-H PetPALS Leader's Guide Nov 10, 2009 380-006
Judging Scorecard Mar 22, 2019 380-100 (4H-840NP)
Cloverbud Curriculum, A Horse of a Different Color! Feb 11, 2016 380-104 (4H-561P)
Cloverbud Curriculum - Eat Like a Horse!
Horses, just like people, need to eat a variety of things to meet their nutritional requirements. If their diet is out of balance, then problems occur. A horse getting too much feed will become overweight, while one who eats too many treats may end up with colic. A young horse that eats an unbalanced diet may grow slowly or not grow correctly.
Feb 3, 2016 380-105(4H-562P)
Cloverbud Curriculum - Knocking Off the Dirt!
Horses, just like people, need to stay clean in order to not only look good but also stay healthy. Grooming not only gets the horse clean; it also relaxes them and allows you to look for injuries, parasites, or skin conditions.
Feb 4, 2016 380-106(4H-564P)
Cloverbud Curriculum - Do You Have Horse Sense!
Horses do not speak in words, but they still communicate. They use body language. Understanding horse “language” is important when it comes to safely handling horses. There are several ways horses position their bodies in order to talk to each other.
Feb 3, 2016 380-107(4H-560P)
Cloverbud Curriculum - Horses Wear Clothes, Too!
Just as different people do different jobs, so do different horses perform different tasks. In order to do their jobs well, they need to have the right tack or equipment.
Feb 4, 2016 380-108(4H-563P)
Cloverbud Curriculum - Puzzling Horse Parts!
So many activities and interactions with horses require you to know what the parts of the horse are, where they’re located, and how they function. It’s also important to use the correct terminology when speaking with others about horses. For example, telling the vet that a horse has a wound on the withers is more specific than just saying on the back.
Feb 4, 2016 380-109(4H-565P)
4-H Livestock Advancement Project Guide and Record May 1, 2009 380-119
A Basic Training Guide for New 4-H Parents and Volunteers Involved with Livestock Projects May 1, 2009 380-120
4-H Animal Science Non-Ownership Livestock Project - Unit II May 1, 2009 380-124
4-H Science Fair Project/Presentation and Display Score Sheet Mar 19, 2014 380-128 (4H-256NP)
Mid-Atlantic 4-H Market Goat Project Guide May 1, 2009 380-310
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Equine Release, Waiver, and Indemnification Statement Jan 31, 2020 388-035 (4H-890NP)
Marvelous Meat Oct 29, 2009 388-746
Virginia 4-H Beef Heifer Project Junior Record Book Jun 27, 2013 4H-140P
Virginia 4-H Beef Heifer Project Senior Record Book Jul 1, 2013 4H-141P
Virginia 4-H Market Beef Project Junior Record Book Aug 23, 2013 4H-142P
Virginia 4-H Market Beef Project Senior Record Book Aug 27, 2013 4H-143P
Virginia 4-H Market Goat Project Junior Record Book Aug 27, 2013 4H-144P
Virginia 4-H Market Goat Project Senior Record Book Aug 27, 2013 4H-145P
Virginia 4-H Market Hog Project Junior Record Book Aug 27, 2013 4H-146P
Virginia 4-H Market Hog Project Senior Record Book Aug 27, 2013 4H-147P
Virginia 4-H Market Lamb Project Junior Record Book Aug 27, 2013 4H-148P
Virginia 4-H Market Lamb Project Senior Record Book Aug 27, 2013 4H-149P
Virginia 4-H Sheep Flock Project Junior Record Book Sep 30, 2013 4H-150P
Virginia 4-H Sheep Flock Project Senior Record Book Sep 27, 2013 4H-151P
VT Policy Guidelines for Open vs. 4-H Horse Events Apr 8, 2020 4H-306NP (4H-901NP)
Basic Information Agents need to know about Virginia’s 4-H Horse Program Jul 20, 2016 4H-307NP (APSC-125NP)
General Horse Information Agents Need To Know Apr 20, 2020 4H-308 (4H-887NP)
4-H Horse Judging Project Record Book Level 1
This project book is intended for use by enrolled members of the 4-H program. 4-H members interested in completing this book do not need to own or ride horses. Members who have horses may also participate in this project. 4-H members should be active members of a 4-H club and complete this project under the supervision of an adult volunteer leader. 4-H members of all ages may complete this project book. This project is intended to be completed in one year. However, there is no time limit on completion. 4-H members may repeat this book as many times as desired. Members are encouraged to complete one Horse Judging Project Record Book for each year that they are actively participating in horse judging. 4-H members must complete Horse Judging Project Record Book Level 1 before they begin work in this book.
Mar 4, 2016 4H-316NP (4H-568P)
4-H Horse Judging Project Record Book Level 2
This project book will be used to further the education of 4-H members who are interested in horse judging and have already completed the 4-H Horse Judging Project Record Book Level 1.
Mar 2, 2016 4H-317NP (4H-569P)
4-H Livestock Judging Project Jan 11, 2018 4H-780
4-H Animal Science Financial Record Keeping Lessons
This is the first in a series of six lessons that focus on 4-H livestock financial record keeping. It discusses the importance of matching your livestock project animal with your farm’s facilities. This activity will help members learn to set and achieve goals in their animal projects. The discussion about the factors to consider and the questions to ask themselves will help members answer the questions in the project planning section of the record book.
Aug 29, 2016 4H-540P
Virginia 4-H State Horse Program
An educational organization for youth, ages 5-19, for those who love horses. Horse ownership not required!
Mar 2, 2016 4H-570NP
4-H Member Record Book - Novice Oct 19, 2016 4H-689NP
4-H Member Record Book • Experienced Junior Oct 19, 2016 4H-690NP
4-H Member Record Book • Experienced Senior Oct 19, 2016 4H-691NP
Virginia 4-H Dog Project Record Book Feb 20, 2019 4H-8(4H-846P)
4-H Member Record Book Guide Feb 21, 2019 4H-844
Grass, Goats, and Uninvited Guests! Apr 24, 2020 4H-876P
Virginia Virtual Farm to Table: Beef Jul 22, 2020 4H-915NP
Virginia Virtual Farm to Table: Eggs Aug 31, 2020 4H-925NP
Virginia Virtual Farm to Table: Pork Sep 9, 2020 4H-928
4-H Market Beef Planning Guide May 1, 2009 400-833
How to Make an Adjustable Rope Halter and Tie Useful Knots Oct 29, 2009 404-280
Virginia 4-H Horse Project Measurement Card Mar 23, 2020 406-050 (4H -881NP)
Members should also enroll in the Horse Management project and keep an accurate and up-to-date management record. Participate in the riding series is strictly on an elective basis. The riding projects should be closely supervised by a horse project leader. Numerous standard references may be used for completing the diagrams, questions, etc. Members should have the basic equipment for riding and the use of a suitable riding animal.
Feb 19, 2016 406-053 (4H-559P)
Horseless Horse Project Unit 3 May 1, 2009 406-093
Horseless Horse Project Unit 4 May 1, 2009 406-094
Progressive Riding Series Unit 2 - Novice May 1, 2009 406-097
Progressive Riding Series Unit 3 - Horseman May 1, 2009 406-098
Progressive Riding Series Unit 4 - Horsemaster May 1, 2009 406-099
Horseless Horse Project Unit 2 - Horses Are Fun
Whether sharing a recipe with family and friends or using it in a classroom setting or professional publication, knowing how to write a clear, concise, easy-to-follow recipe is an important skill. It takes creativity and practice to develop a delicious and wholesome dish. Writing a recipe so others can duplicate your results successfully, time after time, requires adhering to specific guidelines and a set of rules.
Feb 3, 2016 406-105 (4H-558NP)
Self-Determined Horse Project Feb 11, 2016 406-107 (4H-567P)
Horseless Horse Project Unit 1 - Introduction to the Horse May 1, 2009 406-120
Virginia 4-H Horse Project Junior Record Book Feb 26, 2018 406-122 (4H-694P)
Virginia 4-H Horse Project Senior Record Book Dec 19, 2018 406-123 (4H-837P)
4-H Project Horse Eligibility/Declaration Mar 11, 2016 406-125 (4H-583NP)
Survival Guide for 4-H Leaders May 1, 2009 406-130
Beginning of Life Record Book Nov 9, 2009 408-027
Beginning of Life Nov 9, 2009 408-029
The Egg-citing Egg Nov 9, 2009 408-030
The Egg-citing Egg - Teacher/Leader Guide Nov 6, 2019 408-031
A Brighter Idea: Eggs! Nov 22, 2009 408-032
Poultry Yearly Plan and Record Book Nov 6, 2009 408-042
Virginia 4-H Market Lamb Project Guide May 1, 2009 410-083
Virginia 4-H Ewe Flock Project Guide May 1, 2009 410-089
Virginia 4-H Youth Market Hog Project Guide May 1, 2009 414-001
Equine Evacuation Sites during Emergencies Oct 25, 2018 ANR-228NP (APSC-150NP)
Good Production Practices: Required Living Space for Sheep May 6, 2016 APSC-103P
4-H Horse Program Key Dates Agents Need to Know Jun 27, 2016 APSC-128NP
4-H Virtual Farm May 19, 2009