Resources for Community Viability

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Question and Answer Guide for Starting and Growing Your Small Business
The authors initially developed this guide as a resource for participants in Entrepreneur Express Workshops. Offered throughout the commonwealth, Entrepreneur Express Workshops provided basic information on starting and operating a small business. The VDBA, VCE, VTC, Small Business Development Centers (SBDCs), SCORE, and various local governments and chambers of commerce partnered to develop and implement these workshops. More information on workshop dates, locations, and registration information for these and other events is available at
Nov 5, 2013 310-100 (CV-33P)
Facilitator’s Guidebook - 2018, Community-Based Food System Assessment and Planning Oct 25, 2018 3108-9029 (CV-88NP)
Freshwater Shrimp Boils: A Festive Community Event for Fun and Profit Feb 2, 2012 AAEC-28
VCE Model of Community, Local, Regional Food Systems Oct 7, 2016 ALCE-154NP
Community, Local, and Regional Food Systems Nov 2, 2016 ALCE-155NP
MANAGING LEGAL LIABILITY SERIES: Insurance Factsheet Jun 15, 2018 CV-16NP (CV-87NP)
MANAGING LEGAL LIABILITY SERIES: How Much Liability Insurance Coverage Should I Have? Jun 15, 2018 CV-17NP (CV-84NP)
MANAGING LEGAL LIABILITY SERIES: Conducting the Liability Assessment Jun 15, 2018 CV-18NP (CV-83NP)
MANAGING LEGAL LIABILITY SERIES: Questions to Ask when compairing insurance coverage Jun 15, 2018 CV-19NP (CV-85NP)
MANAGING LEGAL LIABILITY SERIES: Virginia Attorneys: Members of the American Agricultural Law Association Jun 15, 2018 CV-20NP (CV-82NP)
Community Engagement: Successes in Virginia Communities Oct 22, 2012 CV-22NP
MANAGING LEGAL LIABILITY SERIES: Workers' Compensation & Vendor Liability for Farmers' Market Owners and Operators Jun 15, 2018 CV-24NP (CV-81NP)
Managing Liability May 31, 2018 CV-25P
MANAGING LEGAL LIABILITY SERIES: Sources of Insurance Jun 15, 2018 CV-26NP (CV-86NP)
Virginia Farm to Table: Healthy Farms and Healthy Food for the Common Wealth and Common Good Aug 29, 2018 CV-3 (SPES-27P)
2013-2014 Shenandoah Valley Buy Fresh Buy Local Aug 29, 2013 CV-33NP
Community Engagement
A local leader, public official, or planner generates an idea and prepares to launch it into action. It soon becomes clear that a key ingredient is missing: the support and ideas of the impacted community. This scenario is not uncommon and is often associated with a plan that will fail.
Sep 10, 2014 CV-38P
FACILITATION SERIES: The Art of Flip Charting
The discussion has begun, and words are flowing from each person like the water in a rushing stream. These words must be captured and become the wallpaper plastered throughout the room. It is this process of flip charting that creates the visual summary of key discussion points and provides the group memory that supports the process of a facilitated conversation.
Dec 19, 2014 CV-44NP
Facilitation Series: The Things Facilitators Say . . . Feb 16, 2012 CV-6
New River Valley Agriculture & Agritourism Strategic Plan
For Giles, Montgomery, Pulaski, and Floyd Counties, agritourism and agribusiness are vehicles for increasing community wealth, providing a broader market base for locally produced products, and diversifying the mix of products and services available to visitors. The purpose of the New River Valley Agriculture and Agritourism Strategic Plan is two-fold: 1) gain a better understanding of what the current agriculture assets are in the community; and 2) develop a plan of work that will support and enhance agriculture and agritourism in the region.
Mar 24, 2016 CV-67NP
FACILITATION SERIES: Facilitating Group Discussions Generating & Narrowing Ideas and Planning for Implementation Mar 2, 2012 CV-7
Virginia Agritourism Conference: Agritourism in Virginia’s New Economy Apr 18, 2017 CV-79
FACILITATION SERIES: The Dynamics of Group Decision Making Mar 2, 2012 CV-8
Everyone at the Table: A community food equity assessment for Harrisonburg, VA Jul 24, 2017 CV-80NP (CV-81NP)
NONPROFIT BOARD LEADERSHIP: Understanding the Role of a Board Member Mar 7, 2012 CV-9
Starting a Food Business: Before You Get Started as a Food Entrepreneur Apr 19, 2019 FST-48NP
Starting a Food Business: Insurance Coverage for Food Entrepreneurs Apr 19, 2019 FST-49NP
Starting a Food Business: Marketing Considerations for Small Food Processors Apr 22, 2019 FST-50NP
Starting a Food Business: Preparing a Food Processing Business Plan Apr 22, 2019 FST-51NP
Starting a Food Business: Registering and Licensing Your Food Business Apr 22, 2019 FST-52NP