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Resources for Community Viability

Title Available As Summary Date ID Author
Facilitator’s Guidebook - 2018, Community-Based Food System Assessment and Planning Oct 25, 2018 3108-9029 (CV-88NP)
VCE Model of Community, Local, Regional Food Systems May 20, 2022 ALCE-154NP
Community, Local, and Regional Food Systems Apr 22, 2022 ALCE-155NP (ALCE-291NP)
MANAGING LEGAL LIABILITY SERIES: Insurance Factsheet Jun 15, 2018 CV-16NP (CV-87NP)
MANAGING LEGAL LIABILITY SERIES: How Much Liability Insurance Coverage Should I Have? Jun 15, 2018 CV-17NP (CV-84NP)
MANAGING LEGAL LIABILITY SERIES: Conducting the Liability Assessment Jun 15, 2018 CV-18NP (CV-83NP)
MANAGING LEGAL LIABILITY SERIES: Questions to Ask when compairing insurance coverage Jun 15, 2018 CV-19NP (CV-85NP)
MANAGING LEGAL LIABILITY SERIES: Virginia Attorneys: Members of the American Agricultural Law Association Feb 23, 2021 CV-20NP (AAEC-280NP)
Managing Liability May 31, 2018 CV-25P
MANAGING LEGAL LIABILITY SERIES: Sources of Insurance Jun 15, 2018 CV-26NP (CV-86NP)
Virginia Farm to Table: Healthy Farms and Healthy Food for the Common Wealth and Common Good Aug 29, 2018 CV-3 (SPES-27P)
Community Engagement
A local leader, public official, or planner generates an idea and prepares to launch it into action. It soon becomes clear that a key ingredient is missing: the support and ideas of the impacted community. This scenario is not uncommon and is often associated with a plan that will fail.
May 26, 2020 CV-38P
Everyone at the Table: A community food equity assessment for Harrisonburg, VA Jun 24, 2022 CV-80NP (CV-81NP)
Visioning a Preferred Future for Virginia's Food System for 2027 Jun 3, 2019 SPES-142NP
Facilitating Community, Local, and Regional Food Systems Jun 10, 2019 SPES-144NP
Getting Started and Managing Resources Jan 24, 2020 SPES-189NP
The Story of the Food Value Chain Jan 23, 2020 SPES-188NP