Resources by Karleigh Bacon

Title Available As Summary Date ID Author
Starting a Food Business: Before You Get Started as a Food Entrepreneur May 17, 2012 FST-48NP
Starting a Food Business: Insurance Coverage for Food Entrepreneurs Jun 19, 2012 FST-49NP
Starting a Food Business: Marketing Considerations for Small Food Processors Jun 19, 2012 FST-50NP
Starting a Food Business: Preparing a Food Processing Business Plan Jun 19, 2012 FST-51NP
Starting a Food Business: Registering and Licensing Your Food Business Jun 19, 2012 FST-52NP
Food Labeling: Know Your Way around a Food Label May 17, 2012 FST-53NP
Food Labeling: Making a Nutrient or Health Claim May 24, 2012 FST-54NP
Food Labeling: Required Food Labeling Information May 24, 2012 FST-55NP
Food Labeling: Universal Product Code (UPC) Bar Coding May 24, 2012 FST-56NP
Science Basics: How Microorganisms Affect Food Safety and Quality May 24, 2012 FST-57NP
Science Basics: Understanding the pH of Your Food May 31, 2012 FST-58NP
Science Basics: Understanding the Water Activity of Your Food May 31, 2012 FST-59NP
Rules and Regulations: Acidified Foods: Definitions and Regulations Jun 8, 2012 FST-61NP
Rules and Regulations: Basic Regulations for All Food Processors Jun 8, 2012 FST-62NP
Rules and Regulations: Classifying Your Food as Acid, Low-Acid, or Acidified Jun 8, 2012 FST-63NP
Rules and Regulations: What Products are NOT Considered Acidified? Jun 6, 2012 FST-64NP
Registering Your Food Business with the FDA Nov 29, 2012 FST-94NP
What is a Scheduled Process? Nov 29, 2012 FST-95NP