Resources by Carrie Swanson

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Horseless Horse Project Unit 2 - Horses Are Fun
Whether sharing a recipe with family and friends or using it in a classroom setting or professional publication, knowing how to write a clear, concise, easy-to-follow recipe is an important skill. It takes creativity and practice to develop a delicious and wholesome dish. Writing a recipe so others can duplicate your results successfully, time after time, requires adhering to specific guidelines and a set of rules.
Feb 3, 2016 406-105 (4H-558NP)
Virginia 4-H Horse Project Junior Record Book Feb 26, 2018 406-122 (4H-694P)
Virginia 4-H Horse Project Senior Record Book Dec 19, 2018 406-123 (4H-837P)
Survival Guide for 4-H Leaders May 1, 2009 406-130
Horse Manure Management May 1, 2009 406-208
Stockpile Grazing with Horses Jun 20, 2018 SPES-31P
Benefits of a Dry Lot for Horses Jun 21, 2018 SPES-32P
Using a Grazing Muzzle Jun 21, 2018 SPES-33P