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Title Available As Summary Date ID Author
Common Ticks of Virginia Jan 30, 2022 2906-1396 (ENTO-487NP)
Dewormer Resistance on Virginia Sheep Farms Dec 5, 2017 APSC-141NP
Preparing for the breeding season in meat goats and hair sheep Feb 20, 2018 APSC-143NP
Upcoming Policy Change Governing Injectable Antibiotics Will Alter Their Use by Pig Farmers Mar 15, 2023 APSC-185NP
Decreasing Preweaning Death Loss in Pigs: Key Management Considerations for Small-Scale Farmers Jan 10, 2024 APSC-195NP
Battling Resistance: Judicious Antibiotic Use in Beef and Dairy Cattle Mar 29, 2023 DASC-106NP
Dairy Pipeline July-August 2023
In this issue: Beyond Boundaries and Inclusion and Diversity at Its Best; Beating the Heat with a Slick Hair Coat; Upcoming Activities
Jun 26, 2023 DASC-160NP
Understanding the Public Health Risks of Antimicrobial Resistance Mar 29, 2023 HORT-260NP
The Journey of Antibiotics from Farm to Fork Mar 29, 2023 HORT-261NP
What is the Veterinary Feed Directive? Mar 29, 2023 HORT-262NP
Catastrophic Livestock and Poultry Carcass Disposal Jun 5, 2019 SPES-138NP
On Farm Mortality Disposal Options for Livestock Producers Jun 3, 2019 SPES-139NP
Ivermectin is Not a Proven or Approved Treatment for COVID-19 Jan 27, 2021 VM-02NP