Resources by Ellen Maurer

Title Available As Summary Date ID Author
Battling Resistance: Judicious Antibiotic Use in Beef and Dairy Cattle Nov 6, 2017 DASC-106NP
Antimicrobial Resistance: What is it and What’s at Stake? Oct 25, 2017 HORT-257NP
How Do We Measure Antimicrobial Resistance? Oct 25, 2017 HORT-258NP
The Phenomenon of Antimicrobial Resistance: A One-Health Issue Oct 25, 2017 HORT-259NP
Understanding the Public Health Risks of Antimicrobial Resistance Oct 26, 2017 HORT-260NP
The Journey of Antibiotics from Farm to Fork Oct 26, 2017 HORT-261NP
What is the Veterinary Feed Directive? Oct 26, 2017 HORT-262NP