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Resources by Garland Mason

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Mental Health Topics for Farm Families and Caregivers: An AgrAbility Virginia Program Resource Oct 14, 2021 AEE-150NP (ALCE-275NP)
A Resource Guide for Start-up Military Veteran Farmers
Deciding what career to begin after discharging from the military is an important decision. Because agriculture can often bring a new sense of purpose and leadership to a veteran’s life, many are choosing farming as their new career. Military veterans offer unique skill sets and discipline that are needed in the rigorous daily life of a farmer.
Oct 14, 2021 AEE-152NP (ALCE-277NP)
Farm Safety, Health, and Wellness Resource: Mental Health Case Studies - The Dunlap’s Beef Cattle: The Impact of Intergenerational Farm Transfer Mar 16, 2020 ALCE-188NP
Farm Safety, Health, and Wellness Resource: Mental Health Case Studies - The Cooper Family Story Feb 12, 2020 ALCE-189NP
Farm Safety, Health, and Wellness Resource: Mental Health Case Studies - The Johnsons’ Broiler Farm Feb 12, 2020 ALCE-190NP
Farm Safety, Health, and Wellness Resource: Mental Health Case Studies - The Montel Family: An Intergenerational Farm Feb 12, 2020 ALCE-191NP
Farm Safety, Health, and Wellness Resource: Mental Health Case Studies - The Family Vegetable Farm in Roanoke, Virginia Feb 12, 2020 ALCE-192NP
Lawn Care Safety for the Whole Family During COVID-19
As it is every year at this time, it’s finally spring and the grass is growing. What is different about this year though, is that the kids are home. It might seem like a good idea to send them outside to do some yard work while practicing social distancing—and it is! Fresh air and exercise can help ease the stress of being cooped up inside for months on end.
Apr 9, 2020 ALCE-193NP
Farm Stress and Grief in the Time of COVID-19: Strategies and Resources May 1, 2020 ALCE-202NP
Managing Farm Financial Stress for a Healthy Farm and a Healthy Farm Family May 24, 2021 ALCE-220NP (ALCE-249NP)
Best Practices to Managing Farm Financial Health and Wellbeing Sep 2, 2020 ALCE-222NP
Farmer Financial Health and Wellbeing Assessment: A Tool for Fostering Supportive Financial Conversations
Extension agents are closely involved in advising farmers and farm families on identification and mitigation of financial risks unique to the agricultural industry. Financial decisions are often time-sensitive and complicated, and the source of many sleepless nights to farmers and advisors alike. This tool is intended for use as a communication aid to foster safe, productive conversations between farmers and service providers. It is designed to complement related resources aimed at supporting the mental health of our farmers who make tough decisions under conditions of uncertainty on a daily basis.
Sep 28, 2020 ALCE-226NP
The Farm Safety, Health & Wellness Toolkit
Farmers nationwide are experiencing socio-economic crisis and Virginia’s farmers are no exception. Farmers in Virginia are under immense stress due to various threats including social threats (within the family or community), economic threats (including land or market loss and associated financial stress), political threats (such as systemic discrimination, racism, and disadvantageous political policy), and environmental threats (like drought, flooding, or pest infestation). Farmers in Virginia experience overwhelming feelings of stress and may encounter associated mental health issues due to the current crises and the threats they face.
Nov 9, 2020 ALCE-233NP
AgrAbility Virginia Program Evaluation Brief: 2021 Survey & Interview Results Jun 29, 2021 ALCE-255NP
Assistive Technologies for Lower Extremity Mobility on the Farm Oct 15, 2021 ALCE-258NP
Assistive Technologies to Support Farmers with Low Vision or Blindness Oct 14, 2021 ALCE-259NP
Assistive Technologies for Upper Extremity Mobility on the Farm Oct 14, 2021 ALCE-260NP
Assistive Technologies to Improve Safety & Accessibility on Small Scale Diversified Vegetable Farms & Home Gardens Sep 7, 2021 ALCE-269NP
What is an Agricultural Exoskeleton? Jan 12, 2023 ALCE-303NP
The Role of Farmer Input in the Design of Assistive Technologies: A Focus on Agricultural Exoskeletons ALCE-304NP
AgrAbility Virginia Program Evaluation Brief: 2023 Survey & Interview Results
AgrAbility Virginia promotes safety, wellness, and accessibility on the farm through education, rehabilitative services, and assistive technology. AgrAbility Virginia is a partnership program between Virginia Tech, Virginia State University, Virginia Cooperative Extension, and Easterseals UCP. AgrAbility Virginia is funded by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) National Institute for Food and Agriculture (NIFA). As a statewide program, AgrAbility Virginia works closely with Virginia's rehabilitation and agricultural service delivery system to increase organizational capacity and provide the best quality education and services for farmers across Virginia. AgrAbility Virginia works in partnership with the Virginia Department of Aging and Rehabilitative Services (DARS) and others to make recommendations for farmers regarding assistive technologies and new farm procedures and protocols that will make farming more comfortable and safer.
Jul 3, 2023 ALCE-318NP
Dairy Pipeline, May 2020 Apr 21, 2020 DASC-135NP