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Christina Petersson-Wolfe, Extension Dairy Scientist, Milk Quality & Milking Management; and Garland Mason, Program Coordinator, AgrAbility Virginia

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In this issue: How does the CARES Act help dairy producers?; Virginia Cooperative Extension COVID-19 Resources; Farm Bureau—Virginia Producer Resources Related to COVID-19; AgrAbility COVID-19 Notice; Weekly Virginia Dairy Updates; Upcoming Events

This issue is devoted to providing information, resources, links and contacts during the COVID-19 crisis for a broad range of issues. As this situation is extraordinarily fluid, please be aware that circumstances may have changed regarding any of the contents from the time of printing.

For example, The Paycheck Protection Program has already been depleted. Even so, current advice is to prepare your application and assemble your documentation now as Congress is expected to appropriate more funding.


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Publication Date

April 21, 2020