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Resources by Nicole Nunoo

Title Available As Summary Date ID Author
Managing Farm Financial Stress for a Healthy Farm and a Healthy Farm Family May 24, 2021 ALCE-220NP (ALCE-249NP)
Best Practices to Managing Farm Financial Health and Wellbeing Sep 2, 2020 ALCE-222NP
Farmer Financial Health and Wellbeing Assessment: A Tool for Fostering Supportive Financial Conversations
Extension agents are closely involved in advising farmers and farm families on identification and mitigation of financial risks unique to the agricultural industry. Financial decisions are often time-sensitive and complicated, and the source of many sleepless nights to farmers and advisors alike. This tool is intended for use as a communication aid to foster safe, productive conversations between farmers and service providers. It is designed to complement related resources aimed at supporting the mental health of our farmers who make tough decisions under conditions of uncertainty on a daily basis.
Sep 28, 2020 ALCE-226NP