Resources by Joe Young

Title Available As Summary Date ID Author
Mental Health Topics for Farm Families and Caregivers: An AgrAbility Virginia Program Resource Oct 14, 2021 AEE-150NP (ALCE-275NP)
The Basics of On-Farm Safety: An Introductory Guide by the AgrAbility Virginia Program Oct 14, 2021 AEE-151NP (ALCE-276NP)
A Resource Guide for Start-up Military Veteran Farmers
Deciding what career to begin after discharging from the military is an important decision. Because agriculture can often bring a new sense of purpose and leadership to a veteran’s life, many are choosing farming as their new career. Military veterans offer unique skill sets and discipline that are needed in the rigorous daily life of a farmer.
Oct 14, 2021 AEE-152NP (ALCE-277NP)
AgrAbility Virginia Program Evaluation Brief: 2016 Survey Results Dec 5, 2022 ALCE-170NP