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How to Plant and Care for a Seedling Sep 16, 2022 390-070 (4H-988P)
Virginia Farm to Table: Grains
In this session, we will learn about the Common Grain Alliance and learn about how grains are grown and harvested. We will then take a virtual tour of Ardent Mills in Culpeper, Virginia to learn how grain is milled into flour. Finally, we will learn how Great Day Gardens makes scones with 100% locally-grown grains.
Nov 11, 2020 4H-933NP
Virginia Virtual Farm to Table: Pumpkins
Pumpkins are Virginia's 20th in the list of the top 20 farm commodities in Virginia. In this session, you will travel to three different pumpkin farms and learn about growing pumpkins for wholesale and for agritourism operations. Then you will learn how to make a family recipe for pumpkin bread.
Oct 26, 2020 4H-937NP
Soil Judging in Virginia Dec 5, 2022 CSES-183
Virginia Soil Judging Scorecard Dec 5, 2022 CSES- 202P(4H-845P)
Soil Judging Supplemental Information Sheet Dec 5, 2022 CSES- 202P-A