AEE-151NP (ALCE-276NP)

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Crystal Kyle, Kim Niewolny, Nicole Orndoff, Donald Ohanehi, Kirk Ballin, Joe Young, Steve Bridge, Tristan Roberts, Garland Masonon

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Agriculture safety is vital to a successful farm operation and cannot be overlooked. This guide gives a brief overview of different hazardous activities associated with agriculture and will direct you to educational resources designed to help keep your workers, your family, and yourself safe. It is essential that everyone set aside time to learn safety precautions and prevent unnecessary accidents. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (2020) reports that 100 farmers per day suffer an injury that causes them to lose work time. These injuries occur while farm workers are conducting farm chores such as livestock handling, hazardous material handling, and machine operation (Mariger et al., 2007). Injuries, lost time due to an injury, additional medical costs, permanent impairments, and deaths can all be prevented when safety practices are set and followed.        

 AgrAbility Virginia has prepared this document to assist Virginia farm families and rural residents with information related to caregiving and mental health. This publication is not intended to be used as a comprehensive mental health resource. Contact AgrAbility Virginia for more information for farmers and caregivers:

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Publication Date

October 14, 2021