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Resources by Samantha Harden

Title Available As Summary Date ID Author
Physical Activity Break: Cardio Pyramid Mar 1, 2021 HNFE-354NP
Move More, Sit Less Dec 16, 2022 HNFE-487NP (HNFE-506NP)
Fitting in Fitness at Home HNFE-509NP (HNFE-1092NP)
Water Aerobics Apr 3, 2023 HNFE-516NP
Physical Activity Brochure Aug 14, 2018 HNFE-648NP
Toolkit of Behavioral Change Facilitation Skills May 16, 2019 HNFE-811P
Let’s Move More! Virginia! An Instructor’s Guide to Mindful Movement for Kids and Teens
Extension professionals and volunteers interact with kids in a variety of programming. Youth who engage in mindy-body practices experience a number of health benefits ranging from reduced anxiety and stress to improved mood and academic performance. This document helps Extension professionals and volunteers lead mind-body practices with youth. There are materials that give background to the approach as well as structured exercises.
Nov 29, 2023 HNFE-1089P
Fitting in Fitness at Home Oct 24, 2023 HNFE-1092NP
Consideration for Designing an Exercise Class for Older Adults
This is a step by step guide to designing an exercise class for older adults with specific modifications or cautions to consider.
Jan 8, 2024 HNFE-1093NP
Autoethnography Guidance Feb 23, 2024 HNFE-1104NP