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Move More, Sit Less



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Samantha Harden, Assistant Professor, Department of Human Nutrition, Foods and Exercise and Virginia Cooperative Extension Specialist, Virginia Tech

Let’s reduce stress and sedentary time by moving more throughout the day. These moves increase mobility and reduce tension.

1. Seated March

Stomp or tap feet on ground.

30 Seconds

2. Arm Raise

Sit with your back straight and shoulders down. Raise your arms by your sides, bringing your hands together overhead. Return arms to sides and repeat.

5 reps

3. Neck Roll

Roll head from side to side. Use your hand to gently stretch neck while keeping your opposite arm by your side. Alternate sides.

30 seconds

4. Forward Bend

Bend at hips and fold forward over your thighs. Keep your belly tight against your thighs and release any tension in your neck.

5 breaths

5. Seated Leg Lift

Sit with your back straight. Extend one leg straight out with your foot flexed. Slowly raise and lower your leg. Switch sides.

10 reps on each side

6. Leg Stretch

Sit on the edge of your chair. Extend one leg. Keeping your back straight, reach towards your foot. Switch sides.

5 breaths on each side

7. Bicep Curl

Sit with your back straight and arms by your sides. Make a fist with your thumbs facing forward. Keeping elbows tight against your side, bend at the elbow, curling your fist up and rotating thumbs to point away from your body.

10 reps

8. Hip Opener

Sit with your back straight. Cross one leg over the other, placing your ankle on the opposite knee. Keep your foot flexed. Gently press knee for a deeper stretch.

5 breaths on each side

9. Sitting Twist

Sit with your back straight and bring your hands behind your head with elbows bent out to each side. Slowly rotate your torso to the left and right.

10 reps

10. Wrist Press

Sit with your back straight and bring your hands together in front of your chest, pressing palms together. Rotate fingers to point down while continuing to press palms together. Rotate fingers back to pointing up.

5 breaths

11. Chest Opener

Sit with your back straight on the edge of your chair and interlock your fingers behind your back. Press arms away from your body while keeping shoulders back and down.

5 breaths

12. Restore

Option 1: Sit comfortably in your chair, closing your eyes. Breath slowly and relax.

Option 2: Lay on your back on the floor. Bend your knees and place feet on a chair. Close your eyes, breath slowly and relax.

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Publication Date

December 16, 2022

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