Resources for 4-H Family Sciences

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4-H Fashion Revue Policies and Procedures
The purpose of the Fashion Revue Policies and Procedures Manual is to help you understand the process, objectives, and categories that are specific to 4-H Fashion Revue.
Mar 31, 2015 346-146(4H-476NP)
Virginia 4-H Fashion Revue/Clothing Record Apr 8, 2015 346-147(4H-472NP)
4-H Fashion Revue Consumer Comparison Worksheet
Consumer Comparison is the consideration of two things with regard to some characteristics common to both, i.e. cost of garment, quality of construction, and care instructions. Using your Fashion Revue garment (constructed or selected), please make two comparisons with other similar garments. Check the garment that is your “best buy” choice.
Mar 31, 2015 346-148(4H-475NP)
4-H Fashion Revue Commentary Worksheet
This worksheet may be used to help write your commentary that will be read as you model before the judges. This worksheet does not have to be submitted with your written commentary for state competition.
Mar 31, 2015 346-149(4H-474NP)
4-H Fashion Revue Score Sheet Jun 18, 2020 346-150(4H-473NP)
Caring for Children I: Before Babysitting Nov 16, 2018 350-035
Caring for Children 2: Babysitting Basics Nov 16, 2018 350-045
Safe at Home Safe Alone, Youth Book Nov 9, 2009 350-523
Survivor Management, 4-H Leader's Guide Nov 16, 2018 392-108
4-H Fashion Revue
Fashion Revue is a contest that aims to increase youths’ knowledge of consumerism, textiles, and garment construction while providing opportunities to express fashion trends and present themselves in an appropriate manner. Categories exist for purchased and constructed garments.
Mar 24, 2014 4H-36NP (4H-257NP)
Virginia 4-H Contest Guide - Science Fair Presentation & Display
The Science Fair Presentation& Display Contest provides youth with the opportunity to communicate scientific experiment by using the scientific method.
Jun 18, 2020 4H-428NP